MAC Illustrated Bag Collection for Fall 2013

MAC Illustrated Bag 2 by Indie

MAC celebrates the anniversary of its limited-edition Illustrator Make Up Bags with new designs by two massive talents. Each artist draws on creativity with stunning originality, transforming MAC makeup bags into mini-masterpieces. Award-winning illustrator Anja Kroencke presents her imaginative vision through black and white line drawings of elegant feminine faces with elaborate wavy hair. New York City graffiti artist and modern Renaissance woman Indie 184 has tagged the bags with her vibrant graphic street style. Lined interiors in complementing patterns, top zipper closure and a looped-end handle. Bag lovers, enhance your collections.

Take a look!

  • Illustrated Bag 1 by Anja Kroencke $36
  • Illustrated Bag 2 by Anja Kroencke $36

MAC Illustrated Bag 1 by Anja

MAC Illustrated Bag 2 by Anja

  • Illustrated Bag 1 by Indie 184 $36
  • Illustrated Bag 2 by Indie 184 $36

MAC Illustrated Bag 1 by Indie

MAC Illustrated Bag 2 by Indie

The MAC Illustrated Collection arrives July 11, 2013 at MAC stores only.

  • 6/24/13 13:55 LINDARRAGNAR:

    These bags are actually all very pleasing to the eye!
    Really like the second black and white one.


  • 6/24/13 14:22 Paloma:

    pure awesome.


  • 6/24/13 15:03 Phyrra:

    That first bag is amazing. LOVE IT!


  • 6/24/13 15:14 Shadia:

    HOLY PHUCK. These bags look incrediballz! I’m really not much of a makeup bag person, but OMGOMGOMG. Thanks a lot, Muse, lol!


    • 6/24/13 15:23 the Muse:

      my pleasure :) last year’s were very nice as well!


  • 6/24/13 17:13 Joy:

    Love the graffiti one!


  • 6/24/13 22:34 Heather N King:

    Wow!!!! I REALLY like these! I kinda have to have them all!


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