MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize Blush Review & Swatches

MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize Blush

Simmer is one of three new blushes that launched today with the MAC Tropical Taboo Collection. This a rather stunning little combination of golden peach and red that earns its name from its rather pigmented, sizzling pop of color it adds to my cheeks.

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MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize Blush in Simmer is intense so have your delicate, light hand at the ready for application. I find it gives me ruddy cheeks if I apply too much so I’d avoid the shade if you have natural redness in your cheeks.

It’s a bit dense but still very silky and doesn’t contain a heaping amount of chunky glitter or shimmer. It has a more refined shimmer that produces a rather pretty glow on cheeks. I think the nice part about the peach is it lightens and sheers out the red shade and makes it more wearable. The effect is a pretty coral flush on cheeks.

MAC Tropical Taboo Simmer Mineralize Blush

MAC Simmer Mineralize Blush Swatches

It should work fabulously well on tanned or darker skin types however, if you’re paler you might wish to avoid as the color is quite pigmented and bright.

I typically like shades like this but Simmer didn’t really impress me all that much. On the upside the formula is excellent with great pigment and a long wear of over six hours. I would recommend as a possible pick up for darker skin tones but not necessarily a must have for fairer skin.

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  • 6/27/13 10:37 Stevani Adhisty:

    that’s a pretty color but i agree with you i think it wouldn’t work well on lighter skin tones :(


  • 6/27/13 12:16 Angela:

    I was on the fence about purchasing this. After your review I’m going to have to skip this. I’m nc20. Too bad too, it is pretty.


    • 6/27/13 12:18 the Muse:

      Hey Angela! You might want to swatch on counter, you never can tell with mac sometimes it just works out great 😀 but I think it might be a little too dark for lighter skin!


  • 6/27/13 13:58 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    Perharps it can be used as eyeshadow? The color is gorgeous!


    • 6/27/13 14:14 the Muse:

      sure why not :)


  • 6/29/13 12:04 Candy Coated Cashmere:

    That’s really pretty! Please don’t tempt me. I can never just pick up ONE item at M.A.C.


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