Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation Review & Swatches

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation Fall 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation is a new Fall 2013 product that launches in July. Stick foundations are a rarity in the drugstore world so Fit Me Shine Stick Foundation ($8.99) definitely pegs an interesting market.

These will be available in 12 oil-free shades with a lightweight texture Maybelline promises. I got two shades to try out and I have to say I’m impressed so far.

Take a look!

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation come in a chubby swivel up tube that houses 0.32 oz of product. I’ve never been a fan of the Fit Me Collection but honestly, these sticks could convert me.

These have a gel formula that has an anti-shine core surrounded by a lightweight foundation. The anti-shine core is supposed act to mattify skin and keep it shine-free through the wear.

I was a little worried these would feel dry or applied as such on my already dry skin. The texture surprised me as it has a light creamy feel with weightless powdery dry down that doesn’t adhere to flaky areas and blends out very easily. It isn’t so creamy that it feels oily and it isn’t so dry that I can’t apply and blend it onto my face easily so it meets in the middle of being creamy with touches of powder so the texture almost instantly goes from cream to a light powder as soon as I apply it. Coverage is sheer and builds up to a more medium finish but it won’t hide major issues such as acne scarring. It will however, conceal redness, darkness, etc…the smooth, soft, semi-matte finish is absolutely flawless on my skin. Wear time will vary but on my drier skin I got about four hours in before I saw some fading and needed a touch up by hour five. The great thing is that this is easy enough to carry around with you for quickie touch ups on the gor.

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation Shade 110

Shade 110

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation Shade 340

Shade 340

Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation Swatches

Shade 110 and 340

The matte powder finish is nice enough for combination skin types but for those with super oily skin you might need a touch more mattifying power to keep you shine free throughout the day. For me, I’d say I remained shine through the entire wear without any issues but I only have oily spots not an entire oily skin type.

I have to say Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation is a promising formula for a cream to powder finish. This is lightweight, breathable coverage that perfects skin and wears a fair amount of time. The easy to apply formula is a joy to use and easy enough to carry around for touch ups. I really liked how easily it applied and blended onto my skin without accentuating drier areas or tugging and appearing patchy due to a drier texture as the creaminess here is just enough to make for a very easy blend job.

I’m going to Muse Approve this one. I think the sheerness of it might disappoint but overall, it’s a foundation product that’s worth trying out. For a drugstore brand this has a good deal of quality behind it!

It’ll be available come July at drugstores.



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  • 6/11/13 19:12 breyerchic04:

    I’ve been realizing I need a drugstore foundation, because well buying UD Naked is probably a little pricey right now.


  • 6/11/13 19:15 auroragyps:

    I’m looking forward to trying this. I hope it works on my oily skin and Summer weather. Can’t wait for them to be in stores and on sale.


  • 6/11/13 19:19 amy:

    Back in HS, I had a Maybelline foundation stick that was supposed to be a foundation, concealer, & powder, all in one. From your description, this sounds almost identical to that formula, except for the addition of the mattifying core. Alot of girls I knew used it, along with Max Factor PanStik, and it was sooo convenient. I always wondered why it was DCd. Maybe the formula got lost, and someone found it some 20 years later, LOL?


  • 6/11/13 19:59 Ali:

    Did you contour with the darker shade?


    • 6/12/13 9:26 the Muse:

      no ali just applied as a foundation.


  • 6/11/13 21:01 angie:

    I’m so excited for these! I would like to wear foundation but am often pressed for time and I hate how messy foundation can get. Will definitely be on the lookout in july!


  • 6/11/13 21:09 Chelsea:

    Oooh, 110 could be pale enough for me!


  • 6/11/13 21:37 DJ:

    Muse, do you think you can use the darker shades for creme contouring? I always wanted to try to contour like Kim K. XD


    • 6/12/13 9:19 the Muse:

      they might be a little too sheer for contouring dj.


    • 12/5/13 16:59 Sarai:

      I use mine for highlighting & contouring. i love it. its not as dramatic as some contouring i’ve seen. but for every day, it is FLAWLESS. i apply a bit of matte bronzer on top of my darker shade after i blend.


  • 6/11/13 21:59 SH:

    They have it in 110! That’s my shade. Does 110 have a yellow tone to it, or is it pink or neutral?

    the original Fit me foundation 110 is the only drugstore brand that is light enough for me. It’s more yellow than my skintone and the formula isn’t fantastic but I can’t be picky unfortunately.

    This is exciting! I’ve been waiting for one of these since they continued Express 3 in 1 oil-free foundation sticks (which was too dark anyway). I wore that down till there was literally nothing left.


    • 6/12/13 9:23 the Muse:

      pinker undertones sh :)


  • 6/11/13 22:40 reen:

    hey muse
    i was wondering why u chose such a dark shade? is it to contour your cheekbones?
    i need some contour products…do u think dark/light shades would work as a contour/highlight?


    • 6/12/13 9:18 the Muse:

      hi reen unfortunately I wasn’t offered a shade choice, maybelline sent these so I swatched both. neither works well for my tone…I used shade 110 test but it was a little too light.


  • 6/11/13 22:51 Tori:

    This seems great for my super dry skin since every foundation seems to cling to my dry patches and looks flakey :p the only thing I’d be worried about is if it would break me out


  • 6/11/13 23:11 Phyrra:

    Looks like a nice formula! I think the Maybelline Fit me was too pink when I last tried it but it’s a good match for a lot of people.


  • 6/11/13 23:22 Laura:

    Thank you so much for reviewing these. I was especially intrigued by them, as I often need “on the go” makeup. That 110 seems extremely pale, I am often the comfortable with the palest shade in drugstore foundations, looking at that swatch I wonder if i might need the next shade up in this one.


    • 6/12/13 17:33 Veronica:

      Just a heads up from personal experience, there is a fairly major pigment jump between 110 and 115. The 110 is more like an NW5/10, while 115 is NC15/20 leaning closer to 20. I was able to get away with 115 in the summer by sheering it out (I’m roughly an NC/W15 right now), but it was definitely too dark and warm for my winter skin (NW10). I really liked the formula, but if I ever repurchase the liquid version, I’d probably grab 110 and 115 and mix them to get a better match. :)

      Granted, I haven’t seen the shade sticks in stores yet, so the 115 may be lighter. I’d hope so!


  • 6/12/13 3:04 Jacquelyn:

    Hey Muse! Do you think this would be good for contouring? :)


    • 6/12/13 9:16 the Muse:

      they might prove a little too sheer to contour hun


  • 6/12/13 3:18 Eli:

    Definitely need to try it!


  • 6/12/13 4:25 Danii:

    Oh yay! I want! Fit Me! has a shade to actually MATCH my so pale skin already, so this will be a must (with one of Ulta’s $3.50 off $10 coupons of course ;3 ). An exciting must too.


  • 6/12/13 9:53 Jen_m_sunshine:

    Very excited for this as maybe I can replace my $40 Bobbi brown foundation stick with this!! Glad to see the 110 has pink undertones as that’s what I need! Great for tossing in the gym bag and purse and finally, not breaking my bank. hehehe more $ to spend on other items! BTW, Muse, any interest in the Rimmel apocolips? I picked up 3 shades this morning at Wags but haven’t given them a go yet. I also picked up my FIRST TWO Tarte blushes yesterday – have buff on today and love it@@@@


    • 6/12/13 9:55 the Muse:

      hey chica I got them last week and testing them this week so far not impressed :-/ they are kinda dry for me…but still working on the testing :)


  • 6/12/13 10:07 Jen_m_sunshine:

    Aw, man! I should have waited for your review :-) {kicks herself repeatedly} My lips are never in good shape as far as the flaky dry patches so am sure these will accentuate. I always end up wasting money on drugstore stuff!


    • 6/12/13 10:09 the Muse:

      i dunno try them maybe you’ll love them. they are getting rave reviews but so far I’m kinda like meh on them. the colors are incredible but the texture I don’t really like…it’s that slippery silicone liquid lipstick type feel…I hate that type of formula :-/


  • 6/12/13 11:09 Emily:

    how did you apply this foundation? sponge, fingers, etc.?


    • 6/12/13 11:12 the Muse:

      whatever you feel comfortable with Emily. no specific technique…swipe it on and blend with fingers or if you want use a sponge, however you want.


  • 6/12/13 13:50 Sayre:

    I was very curious to read your review on these. I am glad to hear it sounds like a decent product. I love stick foundations for the ease of use but haven’t ever found one that I love as much as my discontinued Clinique City Stick. The price is right on this one and they will have a shade to match my fair skin. I will definitely give it a try.


  • 6/12/13 16:16 Trina:

    Is there a fragrance in these like the liquid version has?


    • 6/13/13 9:58 the Muse:

      I didn’t smell anything trina.


      • 6/13/13 21:03 Trina:

        Thanks 😉 Thats a good sign.


        • 6/14/13 9:24 the Muse:

          np :)


  • 6/12/13 17:28 Veronica:

    I’ll be interested to try these! I really loved the FITMe foundation – only foundation of which I’ve gone through a whole bottle. The only downside is the shade range, which I hope eventually expands if the line sticks around. They could use more shades on the dark and fairer ends of the spectrum.


  • 6/12/13 18:49 Tammie:

    Can’t wait until these begin to pop up in drugstores, 110 seems like it should be a really nice fit for me and I’ve been really curious about stick formulas PLUS this has a chance of lasting on me maybe all day! Gotta try it at least :)


  • 6/14/13 13:05 Cindy Ramirez:

    Very interesting product. I’m afraid I’m too oily for it, but I’d still like to give it a try!


  • 6/16/13 3:10 samantha:

    I love your Blog :) Just found you today


    • 6/17/13 9:00 the Muse:

      aw thanks Samantha!


  • 6/16/13 19:08 Summer:

    Do you think this could be used as a concealer dupe for the Benefit Fake Up? Because it sort of looks like it from the swatch. I have Fake Up and I LOVE it, except it comes with so little product and it’s expensive.


    • 6/17/13 8:57 the Muse:

      not really Summer. Benefit Fake up is a completely different texture and has more coverage. This wouldn’t be do well as a concealer if you’re looking to hide darker circles, fine lines, puffiness, etc


  • 6/21/13 12:25 J.:

    Definitely sounds like an interesting product! I used to use stick foundations a lot in the past, but then switched to regular foundations for some reason, that I can’t even remember anymore. These might be a good opportunity to go back to stick foundations for me :)


  • 6/27/13 21:51 TA:

    I just bought one of these, is it best to be blended with fingers or what kind of brush would work better??


  • 7/3/13 5:13 Jaz:

    I have been eyeing this display at work. I want this , the shadow stick and maybe the mascara. Being a makeup lover+ employee discount= bad combination LOL


  • 7/4/13 6:14 Angela:

    Have you tried the Flower skincognito foundation stick? I’m curious to see how it compares?


    • 7/8/13 9:26 the Muse:

      I haven’t sorry angela


  • 7/4/13 11:46 Hoang:

    I have never used a stick foundation before. How do you apply this Muse?


    • 7/8/13 9:25 the Muse:

      with fingers, directly from the stick, with a sponge…any way you like :)


  • 7/10/13 10:50 Diane:

    Heat index of 115 here yesterday, and my super oily skin stayed mostly shine free through an outdoor baseball game. that’s a first, for sure!! Loved it!


  • 7/10/13 20:45 breyerchic04:

    I did grab this today because I am too dark for my UD foundation or anything else I had, and I thought a new formula would be fun. I like it, i’m going to keep it in my day trip bag even if it’s not a daily wear thing.


  • 8/1/13 8:33 Yasmin:

    Oooh! This looks interesting, hope it comes out soon in Thailand although that would probably be unlikely :( That’s because in Thailand and other parts of Asia we have a stick similar to this (also by Maybelline) called the Clear Smooth BB stick which is a BB cream in stick form instead of a foundation like you have! I think that Maybelline’s different in different countries but I would love to try this out!


  • 8/10/13 11:04 Virginia:

    How did you apply this? Straight from the tube and then buff with a brush?


  • 8/11/13 17:04 cb:

    How does this compare to the Max Factor PanStik?


    • 8/12/13 9:48 the Muse:

      i don’t know cb never tried the max factor one perhaps someone else has and can compare for you


  • 8/15/13 12:12 ayesha:

    my complexion is wheatishn skin is normal which shade should i use?


    • 8/15/13 12:19 the Muse:

      sorry ayesha not sure what a wheatishn skin type is?


  • 9/17/13 8:32 Aliya:

    I bought shade 120 – Classic Ivory in this! Is this foundation any good?


    • 9/17/13 9:06 the Muse:

      aliya this is a review, it has all the info about what I thought of the foundation, if I thought it was good, etc…hope this helps


  • 5/6/14 9:50 Candice:

    I got this a few months ago and I didn’t find it long-wearing enough at all, especially since I don’t like to touch up my make up. I felt more oily than with my regular foundation BUT I LOVED the ease of application and blending and for this reason, I used this product very regularly (rather than not wear anything at all on those get-out-the-door-quick days). I actually managed to finish it, which I don’t often do with my products. I’m considering re-purchasing and trying it with 1x blotting and touching up during the day for better performance..


  • 8/9/14 20:57 Becky:

    Sorry I bought fit me foundation shade 340 . Is 340 foundation a good shade for medium or dark person


  • 11/25/14 23:20 ruhi:

    Hi actually I buy the Maybelline pan stick. My complexion s fair and my skin s oily but in winters dry. So its suit on my skin


  • 12/5/14 14:51 sarah:

    i love it but at the same time it makeups me feel cakie


  • 12/5/14 14:52 sarah:

    i love it but at the same time it makes me feel cakie


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