My Scheming 2 in 1 Shea Butter Mask Review

My Scheming 2 in 1 Shea Butter Mask

I’ve been really enjoying My Scheming 2 in 1 Sheet Masks lately and recently decided to try out the My Scheming Shea Butter Masks I hauled.

I have to admit I actually love these a little more than My Beauty Diary Facial Sheet Masks. Gasp I know, I should be shot for saying that.

Let’s take a look!

My Scheming 2 in 1 Shea Butter Facial Sheet Mask

A single box contains eight individually wrapped sheet masks for $10 at I think you can understand why I was averse to paying near $3 for the Banila Co Tea Party Packs I recently reviewed after seeing how much more you can get with sheet masks.

This a two part mask which has a tear off packet which contains extra essence to be applied after the sheet mask. Sheet Masks are made from thinner cotton fiber and have holes for your mouth, eyes, and nose. They are heavily saturated with an essence which makes them wet to the touch. Typically you can apply them for 20-30 minutes.

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask 006

The Shea Butter Masks supposedly contains shea butter which aids in improving elasticity. My skin is fairly firm already so I used these as a source of moisture. They are SUPER moisturizing and really leave my skin soft and supple after use. The great thing is the more moisture my skin gets the less dull it appears so a twice weekly treatment with these leaves my skin looking brighter, happier, and healthier.

The package of extra essence is a gel-like texture that leaves my skin slightly tacky after use but I don’t mind as the amount of hydration it provides is worth the stickiness.

On the down side I found this mask was thinner and it tore easily when I patted it through the wear. I also didn’t love the wear as the mouth section was a little large and hung off my chin. It was just ill fitting.

Aside from that minor issue I’d say the Shea Butter My Scheming formula was a win. If your skin is dry you need these.



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  • 6/5/13 15:21 kimkats:

    I have to say, every time I see one of these masks unfolded, it reminds me of the Sontarans!! (son-Tar-Ah!) 😛 (i knew you’d get the reference!)

    But these do sound lovely – I like a nice moisturizing mask – So relaxing!


    • 6/5/13 15:24 the Muse:

      really?! lol every time I see a potato I think of a Sontaran 😀


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