Now Available Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream

Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream

Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cream SPF30 PA++ is the newest CC Cream to launch in Korea this month. This is a whitening, moisturizing color control CC Cream with an SPF 30.

It contains an herbal water complex that helps to moisturizer skin while a micro powder covers pores and finer lines for a smoother appearance and brightening capsules that gives duller skin a more radiant finish.

Banila Co. tends to run lighter with their products and I’m unsure it this is self adjusting but none the less I’m curious to give it a try out.

So far CC Creams have been treating me very well and I’m loving them even more than BB Creams at the moment. carries Banila Co but I have yet to see this new CC Cream available but hopefully soon!

  • 6/12/13 21:59 effortgirl:

    Do try this! I tried this already but I would be interesting to see what you think!

    Actually, the CC cream launched in Korea in Jan. Banila Co launched the same cream but for men (the words on the packaging are blue instead of pink).


  • 6/13/13 1:23 Jessica Liani Suwitro:

    hi muse I have it n love it so much, it’s moisturizing rather than tony moly, etude. n feels lightest of them all to but brightening. It doesn’t have color pigment capsules like others, but we don’t have to wait it to self adjust.


    • 6/13/13 9:36 the Muse:

      sounds good jessica 😀 will have to try it!


    • 6/13/13 13:03 Tammie:

      Do you know if it’s good for super pale people since it doesn’t color adjust? I am on a big CC cream kick at the moment (gee, thanks Muse lol). Well I should say, I am trying out a bunch…I haven’t tried enough to claim to love them yet, but so far so good on the Tony Moly one :)


  • 6/13/13 13:05 Tammie:

    Oof it’s a smidge pricey ($25 on eBay) but I might try it anyway some time…I’m always on a search for the perfect base product for my stupid skin lol


    • 6/17/13 11:10 effortgirl:

      Hi, Tammie. Hope u don’t mind my 2 cents worth from someone who’s tried the pdt. It hardly imparts any colour (except a pinkish/radiant glow), so I would think it’s safe for even the palest shades of skin. MAC NW5, Nars Siberia?

      If I’m not wrong, it retails in Korea for 25,000 kwon which is just under USD$23. You could always see if you can buy/get a sample to try before u buy the full size product! I got samples of this when I ordered other items and I tried the sample sizes before I opened the full size tube!


      • 6/17/13 12:38 Tammie:

        Thanks :). Well if it’s that sheer I dunno if I want it anyway, I want at least a little color for perfecting~


  • 6/13/13 15:24 Phyrra:

    I totally want to try it!


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