Rimmel 3D Stay Glossy Lipgloss for Summer 2013

Rimmel 3D Stay Glossy Lip gloss

Rimmel 3D Stay Glossy Lip Gloss is a relaunch of the original Stay Glossy formula in multi-dimensional shades that give high-def color and shine to lips.

Take a look!

Rimmel 3D Stay Glossy Lipgloss

Rimmel 3D Stay Glossy promises up to six hours of wear with color changing sparkles that give a fuller appearance to lips. The shades change color depending on the light giving lips a 3D effect.

These were released in the UK a few months ago and are part of the permanent collection. Georgia take all my money! She looks so incredible in the promo ads (her gap is so damn hot) I just want to throw cash at her so even though my mind was saying that I had Stay Glossy Glosses in my stash already and really, did I need a new 3D formula? I couldn’t resist, she sold them to me.

I found the display at Harmons and I imagine it’ll start popping up elsewhere soon too!


  • 6/17/13 22:04 lil’eve:

    If I saw this d8splay I couldn’t resist either.
    no matter how many lipglosses I have! Even though that 8 hour last is a lie. Lol


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