Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum Review

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum

Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum and Kiss the Girl Rollerball Eau de Parfum

The Sephora Disney Ariel Collection means we’ll get a new fragrance inspired by the Little Mermaid. Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum will be available in a full size 1.7 oz bottle ($58) or if you’re a testing type girl a smaller Rollerball EDP will also be available ($19).

I can’t say I really adored the Cinderella So This is Love Eau de Parfum or Sephora Jasmine A Whole New World Eau de Parfum. I liked them but I don’t think they made as much of an impression as Kiss the Girl does.

Let’s take a look!

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum comes in a stunning light aqua box with silver accents. I heard a few whispers from people that they disliked the packaging but I personally love it. This is a very elegant, grown up Little Mermaid packaging. The box has a single silhouette of Ariel and that’s located on the back.

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Fragrance

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl EDP

As for the bottle it comes in the same cut crystal glass that both Cinderella and Jasmine’s version came in. This has an aqua metallic band bedecked with dazzling diamonds around the topper and Ariel’s initial, “A”, on a faceplate in the center of the bottle. It’s very similar to Cinderella’s bottle due to the fact the fragrance is clear. Where as Jasmine’s was a pinkish purple and this in fact gave it a little bit of a different look even though the bottle and design were sport on the same as all the rest. None the less it’s an elegant and weighty perfume bottle that relies on simple elegance to make its statement. The rollerball fragrance comes in a frosted aqua bottle with seaweed accents.

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Perfume

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Rollerball Eau de Parfum

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Rollerball Perfume

Sephora Disney Ariel Kiss the Girl Rollerball EDP

This fragrance has an opening note of light bergamot with a dominate fresh note of cucumber. The two main notes create a soothing ozone blend that has splashes of watery notes combined with starfruit and wild lilac. At dry down sandalwood and sensual velvety notes of ambergri emerge. The scent is a soothing fresher ozone floral perfect for daily wearing.

Kiss the Girl is a perfect compliment to Ariel’s Collection. It has a certain watery element that makes you think of a cool day at the beach with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. It’s actually the only scent released with the Princess Collections that I felt was very fitting for the Princess it was inspired by. You really do think of Ariel when you smell this scent.

I really liked this one but out of the three fragrance it had the shorter wear for me. It lingers for about two hours and has a fairly nice throw but wears away at around hour three. Of course, it will vary by body chemistry.

This didn’t stop me from loving it.

If you love fresh, watery florals Kiss the Girl is a fragrance you’re bound to adore.

There’s debate when the Ariel Collection launches and from my release info it will be available at the beginning of July 2013 both online at and in store at Sephora stores.


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  • 6/19/13 12:04 Laura:

    The other two scents smelled like a sugary gourmand mess. Something I’d give a 12 year old neice.

    I am looking forward to this scent. And do love water/beach smells, but that bermagot turns me off a bit since it’s SO overdone in perfumes now-a-days


    • 6/20/13 1:51 Maggie:

      Really? Sugary gourmand mess?! I was planning on hauling the other two as well. Perhaps I’ll think more on it. I also really love watery and beachy scents so I’m going to haul this and give it a try.


  • 6/20/13 4:42 Angel:

    Who could hate this packaging? I love it, and I’m not buying a thing from this collection. But the packaging almost makes me want to. It’s total grown up mermaid. I’m really hoping for a Snow White collection someday soon. She’s my favorite :)


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