Swirls of Deliciousness

Isn’t Laura Geller Blush n Bright in Dreamsicle delicious? I want someone to put it on an ice cream cone so I can eat it.

Laura Geller Dreamsicle Blush

  • 6/19/13 19:58 Deirdre:

    It looks gorgeous – have you got swatches?


  • 6/20/13 7:38 Majick:

    Ha ha usually I associate the word “deliciousness” with some yoga pose that twists me into a pretzel; but, this does look good enough to eat! LOL


  • 6/20/13 12:21 AnniLau:

    The yellow just looks weird to me.


  • 6/20/13 21:04 Swimalot:

    O Muse, my mind must be in the kitchen. When I heard swirls of deliciousness all I thought about is those new yogurt places that keep popping up here in rural Connecticut. The ones where you can mix the different flavors together and put all kinds of decadent toppings on top. I love those. I also like the Laura Geller. LOL


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