Y.E.T Snail Fix You Ampoule Review

Y.E.T Snail Fix You Ampoule

Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time) Fix You Ampoule is a product I’ve already reviewed however, I recently tried out the Hyaluronic Acid version of this ampoule but also decided to try the snail version as well.

The Ampoule comes in three different formulas and I felt these two addressed my drier skin issues so they were purchased together.

Take a look!

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule Snail

The Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule’s main function is to provide moisture to skin. Ampoule aren’t terribly common in the US and are basically a serum-like product with highly concentrated ingredients. Granted, I’m unsure how concentrated Y.E.T’s formula is but that’s the general idea of a Ampoule.

These come in tiny eye dropper style bottle that looks like medicine of sort sort. After trying both the snail and Hyaluronic Acid formulas I can say you’d be better off with the HA formulation since the snail isn’t nearly as moisturizing. This has a thinner more watery texture with a less tacky dry down. It makes skin feel soft and provides an excellent base for your moisturizer making it easier for it to absorb. However, it isn’t terribly moisturizing or hydrating especially if you have drier skin. You can also mix this with your foundation or BB Cream to thin them out or to add more moisture to the finish and texture of the products allowing them to apply and blend out easier.

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule 5

I personally use it in the evening prior to my moisturizer. As I mentioned it eases the way for my night cream allowing it to absorb more easily however, doesn’t really do much else. If you are indulging I’d skip the snail version and head right for the Hyaluronic Acid one which proves the more beneficial for drier skin in my opinion!

I purchased by on E-bay from F1PLUS2 (not affiliated with this seller).


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  • 6/3/13 21:29 Kira:

    The packaging for this is cute!


  • 6/4/13 4:13 Katie T.:

    The Y.E.T packaging is among the least attractive I’ve seen…that girl is just creepy.


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