Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush Review & Swatches

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush 3

The new Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush Face Palette is the perfect companion piece for the Bare Minerals The Power Neutrals Ready Eyeshadow Palette if you’re going nude this Fall!

This beautiful facial powder adds a flush and highlight or color to cheeks with luminous shades of rose, pink, and rosewood.

Take a look!

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush 4

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush is part of the Power Neutrals Fall 2013 Collection from Bare Minerals.

This comes housed in a golden mirrored compact with a generously sized mirror. As far as I’m concerned the only thing that would make it better would be including a brush for application but otherwise it’s all perfection here. I absolutely love that the blush is the perfect companion shade to the new eyeshadow palette released in the same collection and love how the shades just pair up so nicely together.

The palette is made up of three shades of golden ivory, natural matte pink, and matte rosewood. The ivory lends a very soft yet subtle glow to the matte shades in this palette so you get a lovely little glow as well as a blush of color on cheeks and face. I would say for the most part the palette is geared towards being more of a highlighter slash blush hybrid as you’re getting the benefits of both products in a single compact.

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush Swatches

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush Swatches Blended

The formula is smooth, silky, and finely milled. It’s very easy to apply and blend onto cheeks for a picture perfect, soft, silky finish on cheeks. It looks very natural, very airbrushed, and quite perfect with every single application I tried. It wears for a solid six hours on my face and shows very minor fading heading into hour seven with a little wear and ready for touch up at hour eight. Although I tend to avoid mattes in favor of shimmery blushes I absolutely loved this and thought it was very easy to use and blend. I associate matte blushes with a certain dryness or sometimes patchy application issues but this is soft, almost buttery and applies like a second skin for a natural flush.

Overall, the Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush is another fine product from the Power Neutrals Collection and a winner for me.

Bare Minerals Ready Color Boost The Adrenaline Rush FOTD

It, like the palette, also gains a Muse Approval!

It’s available now at for $29.



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  • 7/11/13 21:45 Cat G:

    Wow, it looks great on you and I love the look of the color! Weird, when I swatched it in the shop the other day, there was hardly any color at all, even put on heavy! I thought it was a real miss!


    • 8/26/13 6:57 Kathy A:

      I just got this from QVC (and that one -does- come with a brush). I need to play with it some more, because it hardly shows up on me. Then again, I’m pretty tan at this time of year (Golden Tan Original with a bit of Golden Dark), so I may need to beef up the application or wait until winter (my Medium Beige time of year).


  • 7/12/13 7:02 Majick:

    I saw this and in the pan it looked kind of meh to me. After seeing it on you, I may have changed my mind. This looks really pretty on you!


  • 7/12/13 9:28 Kelley Sheley:

    Very pretty — has that ‘fresh in from a brisk walk’ look to it.


  • 7/12/13 14:32 Lulubelle:

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a Power Neutrals fall for me!


  • 7/12/13 16:11 Blee:

    When I saw those a few weeks ago I was not so sure, but after seeing the eye collection and the moxie lips stick swatches, me wants. Well how can I do that? I have been using the new Mally pallet that I got a few days ago and that one just kicks my UD ones in the Bu**! I’ve been in a nude love here for a while now. HELP! 😀


    • 7/12/13 16:22 the Muse:

      LOL go for it anyway blee ;-D go for it! ;-D


  • 7/13/13 12:57 Abryda:

    Oh I’m so getting the Adrenaline palette, I’m just a sucker for pretty blushes like this & Bare Minerals was who I started this makeup madness with but the neutrals palette although pretty I think I have most of these colors in other Bare Minerals quads that I have so I’m passing on that.


  • 7/30/13 12:21 Kim:

    Gorgeous blush but I’m loving your eyecolor. Same collection? Btw, this is my first visit to your site and I’m loving it!


    • 8/8/13 16:56 the Muse:

      yes indeed same collection Kim 😀 It’s the power neutrauls palette! thank you! so glad you like the site!


  • 8/14/14 6:47 chaibiskoots:

    It looks so lovely on you! And omg would you mind me asking what lip color you have on? It looks GORGEOUS! <3
    I definitely need to pick this up, I'm in love with natural matte blushes these days! 😀


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