Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel for Fall 2013

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel

Ready for cream blush from Chanel? Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel is a new selection of delicious cream to powder blushes that will be available for Fall 2013.

Take a look!

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel ($38) is quite a new formula for Chanel as I’ve never seen a cream blush from them before…don’t quote me though! These promise a sheer yet vibrant color pay off that adds color as well as luminosity to cheeks with a silky smooth texture and a satin finish that goes from cream to powder upon application!


  • Destiny
  • Fantastic
  • Inspiration
  • Presage
  • Revelation

Chanel Destiny Le Blush Creme de Chanel

Chanel Inspiration Le Blush Creme de Chanel

Chanel Fantastic Le Blush Creme de Chanel

Chanel Presage Le Blush Creme de Chanel

Chanel Revelation Le Blush Creme de Chanel

I’m not much for cream blushes but I can be tempted to try these.

What do you think?

Love cream blushes?

Want to try Chanel’s formula?

Do share!

  • 7/8/13 11:42 Cj:

    What ever happened to the bronzers??


  • 7/8/13 12:30 Christine:

    I’m not much for cream blushes either but I could be tempted if they’re by Chanel! Lovely shade selection – although I am curious about the texture. In the promo pics, they look like a pan of powder blush with a slight fabric light pattern. Or are the pics just blown up so that I am seeing pixels?


  • 7/8/13 16:07 Lulubelle:

    I’ve found some cream blushes that feature natural ingredients, last really well on my oily skin, and cost $5.75 each. So I’ll be passing on these :-)


  • 7/8/13 20:11 Libby:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Chanel blushes! I’m not sure I’d personally purchase it though. I think I’ll stick with the lovely argan oil blushes instead! Love those so much 😀

    (okay, I say this now but once you review them, they’ll be added to my lust list, let’s not kid ourselves T___T)


  • 7/8/13 21:05 It’s Gamayun:

    Hmmm… methinks these are the high-end repackages of the Bourjois Creme blushes that the Euro blogs were all over this spring. (although I think they only got 4 shades.) Argh, Bourjois, why did you ever leave?!


  • 7/9/13 6:04 Abbi:

    I hate to admit I’ve never even tried a cream blush even though I want to, I think I just found my excuse cause two of these colors are KILLING it for me!!! Fantastic and revelation, the lighter pink and the mauve (?), cream blush here I come!


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