Did You Know….

That Shills always makes the best BB Creams!

Shills BB Cream

  • 7/10/13 20:43 Jenny:

    No i didn’t ! I never even heard of that brand before. Now i must check it out!


  • 7/11/13 13:59 Kelley Sheley:

    Beautiful packaging … must look for it!


  • 7/11/13 14:12 Aria:

    Can we buy it on Ebay? I need a BBC with 50 spf right now! It’s summer and I don’t want more freackles on my face ji ji ji


    • 7/11/13 14:29 the Muse:

      sasa.com is great for shills, affordable prices. many of the shills items I’ve seen on E-bay are fakes so be careful!


      • 7/11/13 15:18 Aria:

        Thanks for the advice! I’ve never buyed in sasa.com before but this is a good reason to try.


        • 7/11/13 15:37 the Muse:

          sure! :)


  • 7/11/13 16:20 Iris:

    Ooh! Really pretty packaging too!


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