Glade Fall Hayride Wax Melts Launching Soon

Glade Fall Hayride Wax Melts

When you saw the new Glade Wax Melts and you’re anything like me you might have wondered whether they’d limited edition or Holiday scents in these. And indeed that is apparently what they’ll be doing!

I ran across the new Glade Fall Hayride Wax Melts at the evil empire (Walmart) recently. It was only these, sitting very lonely-like on a shelf! But I imagine or I’m hopeful they’ll be available in other Fall scents like the Toasted Marshmallow one! Or even a pumpkin one of some sort?

It’s been TOO hot to burn tarts so I haven’t really tried the melts I hauled the first time around but I am hearing mixed things about them. Some folks say they are pleasant but too weak where as others simply hate them all around due to the fact they are so weak. I’m hearing the same for the Febreze ones!

Here’s to hoping Fall Hayride is as strong burning as it is smelling. And P.S. it smells more like the Holidays than Fall! It’s kinda a pine/fir blend…but still quite comforting and warm for Autumn!

  • 7/22/13 13:41 Laura:

    Went to Yankee Candle this weekend to sign up for their Halloween candle party (Aug 3) and ALL their fall scents are out – I got three wax tarts and three car scents. SOOOOO GOOD


    • 7/22/13 13:52 the Muse:

      yay! 😀 best time of the year isn’t it?!


  • 7/22/13 15:19 auroragyps:

    I’ll definitely keep my eye out for these, but I just got a bunch of Yankee Candle tarts for 75% off (to add the tons I already have), so I really do not need more. I like to break them into quarters and mix them. I had “Melon Melange” (CUCUMBER & CANTALOUPE, HONEYDEW MELON, WAIKIKI MELON, & WATERMELON) going on in the living room area and an “Green Apple & Greens” mix (CANDIED APPLE, GRANNY SMITH, GREEN GRASS, FRESH MINT) burning in the kitchen. Amazing combos. Makes things so much nicer in my stuffy & damp smelling basement apt.


    • 7/22/13 15:27 the Muse:

      trying THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 love mixing! Try lemon, mint, and Macintosh ;-D PS you owe me $50! that game sounded terribly appealing lol! Evil-bay roped me in!


      • 7/22/13 16:31 auroragyps:

        Don’t blame me, blame Wujick & Zelazny. 😉


        • 7/22/13 16:36 the Muse:

          nope ALL your fault! Gonna do a game night with it when I get home from vacay, how’s the learning curve?!


  • 7/23/13 0:38 JoElla:

    I have one of the Febreze melts in White Peach. It has great throw and smells wonderful. Nothing like some fake smelling peaches I have run across. The only downfall from Febreze, this one starts melting the second you touch it, and is a bugger to clean out. I haven’t been able to pop them out (even after putting it in the freezer) so I just end up scraping as much as I can out, and tossing in another melt.

    I am happy with the Better Homes and Gardens ones from Walmart and the ScentSationals. Both run 2 bucks each, and they have 6 squares in the container.

    I hope the Glade ones aren’t too weak. I usually love the little candle round things they put out every year.


  • 7/24/13 14:25 WhitneyAllison:

    They do have a pumpkin wax melt! just saw it at my walmart! Smells really good!


    • 7/24/13 14:26 the Muse:



  • 7/26/13 15:46 Jess:

    I’m not sure if it was already mentioned in the comments, but I found 3 Fall scents of these at Dollar General today for $3 each. Apple, Pumpkin Spice, & the Hay Ride one pictured above.

    I’m melting the Pumpkin now, and it is absolutely amazing!


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