Hello There Chicago!

Chi-Town 2013

  • 7/9/13 10:14 Ruth:

    whatcha doin’ in Chicago?


    • 7/9/13 10:19 the Muse:

      hasing fun ;-D I went for wed night/thurs/friday/saturday/sun got back sun night :) saw Manson in concert, spent time with friends, overall fun 4th :)


      • 7/9/13 12:31 Ruth:

        that sounds like a marvelous time =)


        • 7/9/13 12:32 the Muse:

          😀 it was! he sucked it but meh..what can ya do?


          • 7/9/13 14:57 Ruth:

            Kinda surprised ~ figured at least he would put on a good show =( but it’s always nice to see friends.

          • 7/9/13 15:09 the Muse:

            typically does, unfortunately he was absolute a horror at this show. too many changes, breaks, really late onto stage, sounded like he was mumbling the lyrics. I dunno, he seems burned out :-/

  • 7/9/13 16:00 Iris:

    I hope you had or are having a great time!


    • 7/9/13 16:04 the Muse:

      thanks iris it was a blast 😀 back unfortunately ;-D I was there a few days for the 4th of July holiday…:)


  • 7/9/13 16:06 Tigress:

    Aww, my second fave city. Glad you had fun!


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