It’s Ok To Want the Sephora Black Magic Palette

Sephora Black Magic Palette Fall 2013

The new Sephora Black Magic Palette for Fall 2013 is a mere $18 and has created a little lemming for me inside my stomach. But really do I need more nudes and smoky eyeshadows?

Why am I even asking my beauty junkie loving self that question?

The Sephora Black Magic Palette is a selection of 12 eyeshadows and two blushes and not badly priced either at under $20 might I add! Sephora has had a fairly good run with some of these limited edition eyeshadow palettes lately so I’m not scared to indulge. It’s just a question if I really NEED another palette because it may by July but I already have sugar plums and Holiday makeup dancing through my head!

Sephora Black Magic Palette


  • Matte Cream
  • Beige
  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Black Glitter
  • Navy Blue Matte
  • Dark Green Matte


  • Peach Blush
  • Pink Blush

Available now at Sephora and

  • 7/11/13 20:36 charlotte:

    I have the Sunset palette and it’s lovely. Small but not tiny, nice smooth pigmented shadows. When I saw the smokey theme of this one I decided against it, I seldom ever wear the traditional grey/silver/black smokey colors and I have sooo many options if I want already, but those blues at the bottom are a big plus, with the neutrals at the top it’s making me think of a “baby” Naked palette. I bet that pink blush would be gorgeous on the eyes. If it’s in my store next trip it’s probably coming home with me.

    Would love to see swatches.


  • 7/11/13 21:26 Bethany:

    hehe…I thought I was the only one already thinking about Holiday makeup in July.


  • 7/11/13 21:27 Kim:

    So pretty! I rarely even use most of my palettes (last year’s holiday one from Tarte? Love it. Used it twice.) but this has such a great selection of colors! I need it.


  • 7/11/13 23:56 cara:

    yep – palettes are my Achilles’ heel of cosmetics…not like I NEED another one but somehow always end up wanting another.


  • 7/12/13 3:39 Angel:

    I don’t need it either Muse, but I still want it!!


  • 7/12/13 7:25 Majick:

    Last eye color a matte purple? This looks like a great little travel palette; especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot. For me, I think I’m safe. I did crack and buy the Anastasia catwalk palette. Jury is still out cause I used a frosted shade on my crease and it accentuated a bit of crepiness. Some shimmers are better than others for hiding this (LORAC) but maybe I just need to tweak my application.
    There is a great range of colors in this little baby and I love the black magic name.


  • 7/12/13 8:51 vanessa:

    oh man, you are killing me. this is perfectly portable awesomeness.


  • 7/12/13 10:50 ZG:



  • 7/12/13 11:12 amy:

    As much as I *really* want this, I’ll likely pass. It really is a perfect palette (at least the shades), and Sephora has really stepped up on quality, but I’m just trying to avoid any more palettes unless they’re really unique. However, when you consider Sephora mono shadows are aaround the same price individually, this is well worth a look…

    The paalette as a whole reminds me alot of the Smashbox Holiday palette from a few years back, only without the cream liners, and it includes blush.


  • 7/12/13 11:57 Aditi:

    Sigh, I can see at least 6 of these shades not working with my skintone :(


  • 7/12/13 21:19 Cindy Ramirez:

    I want it just for the matte navy blue! I also am secretly wishing the black glitter shade isn’t a glitter bomb, but rather amazing. But for 18 I wont have too high of hopes.


  • 7/13/13 20:34 Maggie:

    This would make a decent gift for someone starting off on makeup if these work well. If only the LORAC pro-to-go was set up more like this…


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