Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow Review & Swatches

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow

Ahh you might remember the Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow from earlier this Spring which launched in Japan. These new single eyeshadows from Japanese brand Lavshuca are a step outside the normal palettes that Lavshuca traditionally releases.

The really unique thing is the fact they come in both matte and shimmer shades. Matte drugstore eyeshadow isn’t terribly common from brands like Lavshuca. I’m not a fan of matte finish myself but the idea of Lavshuca doing matte shades was intriguing.

In the end, I ended up with the sparkly shades hehe…! But I definitely think it’s a fresh step in a new direction for Japanese brands to embrace more matte shades of eyeshadow.

Let’s take a look!

These do look like little containers of candy don’t they? Each eyeshadow comes in a small pink tin container much like the Lavshuca Candy Pop Eye Base. Let’s face it an eyeshadow entitled Candy Pop Shadow that comes in a cute little tin case, well, that’s all kinds of cute right?

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow Spring 2013

BR-1 and PK-2

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow Swatches

PK-2 and BR-1

I guess in a way it is slightly immature and looks almost like a child’s makeup of some sort but I fancy them. They are rather darling in my opinion and I do so love cute makeup!

I purchased BR-1 and PK-2 for myself but have plans to grab a few more shades in the future. BR-1 is a soft, velvety texture that reminds me of Stila’s Eyeshadow but with a lighter buttery finish that’s almost metallic on my eye. PK-2 is actually my favorite of the two and has a more lighter less buttery texture. This is a thinner consistency and lacks the pigment you’ll get with BR-1 and it also has a good deal more shimmer. It’s laced with a very pretty silvery glitter and has a subtle color payoff that’s very flattering as a color wash. Neither shade had issues with creasing but they do fade rather fast (four hours or so) if you don’t wear primer under them so I would suggest a primer for the best vibrancy. I had no application issues and both colors applied and blended out flawlessly with minor fall out shimmery fall out from PK-2 but nothing that didn’t clean up easily.

Lavshuca BR-1 Candy Pop Shadow

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow FOTD

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow BR-1

Lavshuca PK-2 Candy Pop Shadow

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow PK-2 Face of the Day

Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow PK-2 FOTD

I know there are SO many single eyeshadow shades around and you probably already have millions in your stash. Believe me I understand completely but I do suggest trying a shade or two out of the Lavshuca Candy Pop Shadow as they are not only terribly cute but they have a fairly lovely formula as well!

I got mine directly from Japan but a good deal of online shops and stores plus E-bay have them available for very close to retail. AlphaBeautyUK (not affiliated) is a good place to grab them as well as

  • 7/2/13 12:35 Samareen:

    These are so cute and look good on you :) i want them so badly! can you tell me where i can find them in Dubai???


    • 7/2/13 12:58 the Muse:

      hi samareen both shops listed below prob will ship worldwide hope this helps!


  • 7/5/13 5:39 Summer:

    I picked up the champagne gold color and the skin tone base in this line. So. Darn. Cute. The eyeshadow base does crease a little bit though, and looks cakey sometimes.


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