Lipstick Queen Rose and Shine Lip and Cheek Pot is Back for $11 Bucks!

Lipstick Queen Rose and Shine Lip and Cheek Pot

Guess who’s back? Lipstick Queen Rose and Shine Lip and Cheek Pot! And it can be all yours for $11!

The Lipstick Queen Rose and Shine Lip and Cheek Pot gives a beautiful flush of rose to both cheeks and lips. This sheer can be used on all skin types and promises a long wear.

This product makes an appearance during QVC Presents Super Saturday Live where net proceeds from the sale of this product benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

And yes, it truly is $11 (plus $4.47 shipping) at

  • 3/16/14 21:39 Carrie:

    I just ran across your blog a couple of weeks ago & I am already a HUGE fan! I have so much fun going in & looking @ all these products & Pinning away as I do not want to miss anything. Finally I have come across someone who loves makeup as much as I do, but not nearly as knowledgable about the products as you are.
    I absolutely love Lipstick Queen! Of course I have only ever used the Shine pot glosses which I can’t seem to find anymore anywhere. I bought Red Sinner & Gold Saint & love them, so when I saw the Rose Shine lip & cheek pot on your blog I was all over it. Like the other 2 pots I had bought before I can’t seem to find the Rose Shine either. QVC doesn’t seem to carry it anymore. I have checked E-Bay, Amazon, & the actual Lipstick Queen website. I am hoping this hasn’t passed me by & that you might have some other suggestions as to where I might be able to find this. If its anything like the glosses I know I will love it. I love multipurpose products :)
    Again thank you for creating this awesome blog!


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