Mally Beauty Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse & Brush Set

Mally Beauty Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse & Brush

Mousse foundations aren’t really a new thing but they are sorely limited in the US so that’s why Mally’s new Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse sounds quite intriguing.

Maybelline introduced their Air Dream Nude Airfoam last Spring and it was quite a disappointment however, foaming foundations from Asia have had a successful run for me in some cases. I think a foaming foundation or primer just seems like a fun type of product to use and that could be why it’s so appealing.

Take a look!

Mally Beauty Effortless Airbrush Perfect Skin Mousse acts as coverage in one step. This is a foaming whipped mousse makeup that promises long wearing coverage with a silky finish. The lightweight, airy formula blends easily with the included foundation brush and provides a luminous look to skin that’s flawless and natural never mask-like.

This is available in five shades from

Sounds interesting eh?

I think I might order!

  • 7/8/13 16:24 Cj:

    Idk bout this, the maybelline one was crap. Or was it revlon? Drugstore brands all look the same to me lol! Have you seen the new dior sprays? Ones a primer or something and the other is a cc cream thing


  • 7/8/13 17:14 Cindy Ramirez:

    Anything with the word Mousse in it makes me excited. I just want to play with it and feel the whipped texture!


  • 7/8/13 17:29 kdurant:

    I watched her demo last wk, I think for the brush alone I may order!


  • 11/13/13 20:12 Phoenix G:

    I hated this stuff! Colors are so off (bought medium based on the shade chart, and it’s more of a yellow porcelain!), it never comes out or if it does it squirts way too much, and it’s sparkly. Wanted to love it so bad!!! Hope it works for someone else!


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