Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Lip Swatches

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Sizzling Red

Have I told you lately how much I adore Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick? I do I really do! Thanks to everyone who read my review on these fabulous lipsticks and proceeded to recommend me other shades to try.

As of now I think Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick has knocked every single lipstick I ever loved off my radar. This could be my one true HG (holy grail) lipstick!

Have you tried them?

If not you absolutely must!

Take a look at some more lip swatches with some new shades I picked up!

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick ($18) is one of those products you’re slightly hesitant to try due to it’s mid-range price tag. When I think of products from Mary Kay and Avon I think of a more budget friendly price tag. When I hear $18 for a lipstick I think, “gee, I can spend that on Bobbi Brown or Urban Decay…” so I was kinda skeptical about these until I actually got a sample of one to try out. I reviewed and Muse Approved the lipstick in a prior post and I must say it impressed me so much I ran out and snatched up for more shades.

You NEED these.

The lipstick come in a silver push barrel. You can push down on the top portion and the lipstick will slip free easily. You can also place the bottom portion onto the cat to make a longer barrel which makes for easier more precise application (as pictured below).

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick

These are so richly pigmented and have such a lovely buttery formula that glides onto lips easily without tugging or dryness of any kind. They leave behind color on a single stroke and build up to full coverage in as little as that single stroke! The soft, satiny texture is weightless on lips and has a high sheen almost shiny finish. It’s a very moisturizing lipstick!

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipsticks

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Swatches

Color Me Coral, Natural Beaute, Sienne Brulee, Spice n Nice

Mary Kay Color Me Coral True Dimensions Lipstick

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Color Me Coral

Color Me Coral

Mary Kay Natural Beaute True Dimensions Lipstick

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Natural Beaute

Natural Beaute

Mary Kay Spice N Nice True Dimensions Lipstick

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Spice n Nice

Spice n Nice

Mary KaySienne Brulee True Dimensions Lipstick

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick Siennee Brulee

Sienne Brulee

At $18, these lipsticks are pretty pricey but I promise they are worth every single penny!




This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 7/16/13 23:54 Katrosado:

    All of these are gorgeous! They look so good on you :) I’m going to order all of them too.


    • 7/17/13 9:30 the Muse:

      aw thanks katros :) <3!


  • 7/18/13 21:42 SH:

    would you say that spice n nice is similar in color to NYC sheer red? That’s my favorite lipstick, and it has a similar finish too


    • 7/18/13 21:47 the Muse:

      can’t compare I don’t own NYC sheer red.


  • 7/21/13 19:29 Shadia L:

    Heeeeeey, Muse! I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve got a question all the same: How’s the wear time on these?


  • 9/5/13 22:27 Ashley Parker-Graves:

    I am a Mary Kay rep, but I hadn’t tried the new Dimensions lipsticks until I read your review. I bought two and I cant say enough about what a wonderful product they are! Lately I have been more of a tinted balm girl (Fresh Sugar), but these are now in regular rotation! The pigmentation is amazing, they feel great, and they stay on the lips so long! Thanks!


    • 9/6/13 9:18 the Muse:

      yay happy to hear it Ashley 😀


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