Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush Review & Swatches

Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush Fall 2013

As an avid fan of great packaging of course, I’m loving all over the new Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush! Seriously, how cute are these! The Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush comes in four shade selections and each is a 3D raised rose design. I likened these to the Rose Lip Gloss from the NYC New York Color Cosmetics Bloom Collection but thinking back they also remind me of the Body Shop’s Rose Flower Blushes too!

I’m such a sucker for pretty makeup.

Let’s take a look!

These come in the traditional gold Milani compact with a clear flip top lid. The packaging is identical in size and shape to the Milani Illuminating Face Powders housing a generous 0.60 of blush per compact.

Milani says the Coming Up Roses Powder Blush will be available for a limited time in August at CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, Fredy Meyers, and online at

The price will be $6.49 each.

Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush

Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush Swatches

All of the blushes have a semi-matte satin finish sans shimmer or sparkle of any kind. They are soft, slightly dry, and a little powdery but they apply smoothly and flawlessly. I don’t have issues with the formula accentuating drier areas on my face and felt like color buffed on perfectly with a smooth, satiny finish. The color I tried Flora Passion, a true rosy pink, had plenty of pigment and could be applied sheer for a more natural flush of colors on my cheeks or built up very easily for more pop. It wore a solid eight hours on my drier skin without fading or disappearing. The powder is surprisingly silky even though there is a slight powdery dryness to the product.

Even though I prefer more shimmer in my blush I thought this was a lovely little blush that applied with ease and had a lovely formula. And such a generous size too at this budget friendly price.

Milani Coming Up Roses Powder Blush FOTD

Only thing missing for me?

I wish they scented it with roses :)


Look for it soon at drugstores.



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  • 7/23/13 19:07 Cas:

    Unrelated, but I love your eyeshadow in this pic!


    • 7/24/13 9:09 the Muse:

      thanks cas! :) <3!


  • 7/23/13 19:11 Winni:

    Now, how to get thru .60 oz of blush! And I thought the .41oz from Nars Pierre Hardy was huge!


  • 7/23/13 20:06 Blee:

    Muse, did you get all of the colors? Love this one. If you did what did you think of the other three? I have a MAC beauty powder in Summer Rose that has a rose in it too. Sometimes I think it smells like a rose, but then not. LOL 😀


    • 7/24/13 9:09 the Muse:

      just the one blee sorry! hehe I’ve convinced myself this smells like roses too ;-D


  • 7/25/13 6:33 Judy:

    oh my!!
    scented with ROSES!!! thats like the BEST idea!! you need to tell them MUSE!!!
    you look so lovely with that blush 😀


  • 7/25/13 11:52 vive:

    What do you mean satin but no shimmer?


  • 7/27/13 19:09 ana:

    hello, this is my first time commenting, but before buying something I always make sure that this approved by muse, I found this beautiful blush, looks great on you, could you tell me what color is, I’d love to know to buy exactly that color, sorry if do not understand what I write, but I’m Mexican and my English is very bad, blame the google translator.LOL :)


    • 8/28/13 15:18 Avalith:

      I believe she mentioned that she used Flora Passion 02 :)


  • 8/1/13 12:10 L:

    I’m actually glad this isn’t scented. When you can smell a products scent it usually kind of irritates my skin. I’m bad at finding good blushes for my skin tone. Do you think this would look good on an nc40 with slight yellow undertones?


  • 8/2/13 20:52 Angela:

    I shamefully bought all four shades. LOL. 😛


    • 8/8/13 16:50 the Muse:

      GOOD FOR YOU! 😀


  • 8/6/13 0:50 Ester:

    Oh my, this looks like the perfect ‘natural flush’ blush on you!


    • 8/6/13 9:19 the Muse:

      aw thanks ester!


  • 8/26/13 0:03 Maria J.:

    Like Seriously, The CVS in my area is really raising the prices on these blushes because it costs $8.79 per blush and I ma pretty sure that’s why the blushes were sold out online because they’re too expensive in stores!


  • 9/27/13 16:08 heather:

    finally spotted these today and they were priced at $9.49! i was hoping to haul all four of them, but now i’ll be lucky to grab two during a bogo 1/2 off!


  • 2/15/14 15:18 Maggie:

    Wow! Flora Passion isn’t even any of the 4 colors now offered on the website, Muse! You truly got a rare one! You actually need to grab FOUR more blushes (not three) to complete your collection! =)


    • 2/17/14 9:56 Isabella Muse:

      hi maggie, yes, I know they are four new shades I just wanted to point to my past review for anyone who was interested in hearing more about them. The shade I have was from last year, I’ll be reviewing the new ones as soon as I have a chance :)


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