Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream Review & Swatches

Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream

Guess what? Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Creams are now available in the US!

You might recall that I reviewed the Flawless Complexion in a recent review. Today I thought I’d concentrate on the Pure Complexion BB Cream which honestly, is more of a CC Cream than a BB one.

Take a look!

Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream 3

Unlike the original Flawless Complexion the Pure Complexion formula acts both as a CC Cream and a BB Cream. Missha took the best of both worlds here and combined the two to create a rather refreshing BB Cream experience.

They call it a clean more natural look and indeed they are right as this begins life as a white cream and adjusts to your natural skin tone when applied. It melds and creates a second skin finish that can fool anyone into believing you aren’t really wearing makeup at all.

The consistency is that of a BB Cream as it is thick and creamy but once applied it blends out to a silky smooth finish that’s lightweight and breathable. It does have a strong fresh floral scent so those a little sensitive might want to be aware of this prior to purchasing.

I do find the chunky twist to release jar a little awkward as it is rather huge. This has a similar style packaging as that of ExfoiKATE but you aren’t pushing to release the BB Cream, you’re twisting. There’s a tiny spout in the center of the jar so as you twist the BB Cream is released. You can than dab a finger or a sponge into it and start application. Missha also released these in a tube in Korea so I expect Missha US will also get those soon. I think the tube is a little easier to use and considerably less large than this bulky packaging.

Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream 7

Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream 1

The color is a little too light for my skin tone and doesn’t adjust quite as well as I would like. It starts out white, goes a tad lighter peach, and proceeds to go creamy beige with pink undertones once fully set. The pink undertone is what fails for me. A little more creamy beige and I would probably be a ok! On the upside it blends out very well and once makeup is applied you won’t really notice that the shade is off.

Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream Swatches

Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream Swatches Blended

One of the main reasons this is one to watch is due to the naturalness of the product. It’s pigmented enough to conceal problem areas yet light enough to wear comfortably without creating shine or being too heavy for daily use. It’s something that gives that bare naked skin effect which I’m all about.

It also has a rather incredible formula with brightening ingredients like Arbutin as well as peptides for firming and soothing and moisturizing ingredients so skin is left looking its very best during and after application. This also contains an SPF 43 for sun protection.

The white texture that self adjusts works as a color corrector so problem redness or darkness is easily eased here while you get the coverage of a BB Cream as well. It wears for a solid ten hours, yes, even in the heat, without fading or needing a touch up!

Overall, there’s a lot to love about Missha Pure Complexion Coordinating BB Cream! It’s unfortunate the shade wasn’t quite for my tone but if it does fit your own you’re in for a treat. This combines the best of both a CC Cream and BB Cream formula with a second-skin like finish that can only be called flawless.

Muse Approved.

This one is worth picking up!

Available now at www.misshaus.com


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  • 7/1/13 19:41 Beth:

    Hi Muse! Would you say that this product brightens the face?


    • 7/2/13 9:23 the Muse:

      long term and during wear?


      • 7/2/13 14:22 Beth:

        Haha both would be nice! But mainly, does it brighten the face during wear? I’m looking for a good BB (or CC) cream with coverage and brightening effects, something like Etude House’s Berry Baby Choux Base but with more coverage >.<


        • 7/2/13 14:59 the Muse:

          not as brightening as Etude House Baby Choux, I feel like I get better brightening with that as a base, but yes, it does brighten you just have to be the right skin tone for it to work as it doesn’t quite adjust well. It does brighten over time as well as it contains fairly good ingredients to brighten up skin with long term use.


  • 7/2/13 5:36 Nicole:

    Do you think this will work on yellow undertones.. think east indian skin ton.. I hope you say yes 😀


  • 7/2/13 11:32 lil’eve:

    yea! is muse approved! i like this cream. at least the sample i was sent and now the website has it on their 4 day sale and am still broke lol but i would definitely buy it for a quick moisturizer and light cover up which is what i like.


  • 7/2/13 22:03 Needa:

    oh my gosh muse! you like hannibal too!?
    you’re officially my favorite beauty blogger, ever 😉 (not to mention the coolest one too!)


    • 7/3/13 10:18 the Muse:

      haha thanks needa! yeah, I have a little crush on Mads too hehe! 😀 season finale was killer…can’t wait for S2!


      • 7/3/13 14:05 Needa:

        Oh, mads <3 and will's like a little puppy, poor thing :( season finale was amazing, definitely! Can't believe we have to wait a year till S2..it'll be totally worth it though!


  • 8/4/13 12:27 mina:

    Dear muse,
    Sounds really interesting! Does it offers maybe just a liiitle bit more of coverage than tonymoly’s aura cc or is it the same? Thanks!


  • 8/4/13 12:29 alja:

    Dear muse,
    Sounds really interesting! Does it offers maybe just a liiitle bit more of coverage than tonymoly’s aura cc or is it the same? Thanks!


    • 8/8/13 16:38 the Muse:

      more coverage alja


  • 8/8/13 12:01 mina:

    Dear muse! I tottaly love your blig and reviews!:)
    I am inreresting how is this one in coverage compare to tony molly’cc cream? I have tried tm but it’s little to sheer for my needs, so thinking about try this one. Do you recomend?
    Thank you!


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