Mugler Addict Subscription Box Program

Mugler Addict Subscription Box Program

Thierry Mugler breaks into the beauty box biz with the new Mugler Addict Subscription Box Program. Being the first ever brand to have their own beauty box subscription box is kinda a big deal in my opinion and got me thinking, “gee, will other brands do the same come Fall?”

So what is the Mugler Addict Subscription Box Program anyway?

The Mugler Addict Subscription Box Program is a way for fans of Mugler beauty to get quarterly boxes of treats (four boxes a year) filled with Deluxe and Trial Sizes of the newest fragrance creations from Thierry Mugler sent right to there home!

Each box also includes limited edition products as well as the privilege of trying products before anyone else.

The benefits do not stop there as members will also get access to personal concierge services plus free shipping all year long from the Mugler online shop at

The Mugler Addict Box is $50 and available now at

Now I want beauty boxes from Urban Decay, Clarins, Too Faced, MAC, and…and….!

Cool idea right?

  • 7/23/13 19:47 Cindy Ramirez:

    50 bucks a year honestly isn’t that bad, plus you get free S&H too which is nice. ELF cosmetics is doing a subscription beauty box type of deal too which I thought was pretty neat!


  • 7/23/13 21:27 jenn f:

    I love mugler! this is an awful idea for my wallet lol


    • 7/23/13 21:28 jenn f:

      but god damn it. only for america :(


  • 7/23/13 21:33 Cleo:

    Actually, Elf has a subscription service as well, I got the email sometime last week I think. But just perfumes? Meh…


  • 7/23/13 22:14 Manii:

    E.L.F. Has a subscription box as well 😀


  • 7/23/13 22:38 Taylor Tucker:

    E.L.F. has started their own subscription service called the Beauty Bundle! I saw on Pintrest that it launched a couple of days ago. It’s $19.99 for a bundle every 8 weeks. You can also buy a 1/2 year subscription for $59.97 or a year for $119.94.

    Here’s the link!



  • 7/24/13 0:44 Lulle:

    Do you know if it’s for fragrance only, or if it will include makeup products. I’m a big fan of Mugler makeup so I would definitely jump in!


    • 7/24/13 9:08 the Muse:

      from my understanding fragrance only lulle.


    • 7/24/13 11:26 the Muse:

      Lulle just an update! PR confirmed it will be fragrance AND makeup in the box! I’m so in now ;-D hehe!


      • 7/24/13 21:09 Lulle:

        Yeaaaaah!! I really want it now!


  • 7/24/13 7:19 kate:

    nice idea
    thinking about it


  • 7/24/13 8:35 Kimmwc03:

    Interesting idea! I’d like to see one for Urban Decay, BareMinerals, NYX, Chanel and Dior cosmetics.


    • 7/24/13 12:07 Shelby:

      Dior has one, they auction subscriptions off in November I think and I think the boxes are seasonal.


  • 7/24/13 9:29 Lisa Fromm:

    I like the concept, but I’m not a big perfume fan. Even so $50 is pretty cool considering that’s the average going rate for a bottle.

    I’d actually like to see more cosmetics companies do this, heck if there was some sort of testing squad where they send you the latest products to test to see if they should hit the market…sign me up NOW!!!


  • 7/24/13 10:05 Sara:

    Oh man, if Urban Decay did one of those I’d be all over it! Or Bare Minerals. Urban Decay always has little samples and travel sizes floating around of eyeliner, mascara, face products, etc. I’d pay for a box 4 times of year of them. I get Ipsy GlamBags and I LOVE it. They have a good mix of products for $10 and I always get more than $10 worth of product, plus a really cute makeup bag (that I share with my sister and mom, I can only use so many!).


  • 7/24/13 12:09 Shelby:

    I seem to be the only one ever that doesn’t like Thierry Mugler scents; neither Alien nor Angel.


  • 7/24/13 12:52 Lulubelle:

    Le Metier de Beaute is doing a subscription service called the Beauty Vault VIP. It’s $29 a month but you have to pay up front ($348) which is actually a steal for their products. Sign up ends July 31st.


  • 7/24/13 21:22 Iris:

    That is so cool and a good price. I’d love it if Sephora or any one of the brands I liked did a similar deal… and made it available in Canada. :)


  • 7/25/13 0:05 Lisha:

    Star looks has had their starbox out for quite some time now actually. Personally, I prefer a variety in a box! But anything with the words subscription, box and beauty in its description gets my attention!


  • 7/25/13 17:37 Jaclyn:

    Actually several brands have their own beauty boxes! Julep’s nail polish beauty box is comprised of only their brand products, Starlooks (makeup) beauty box just celebrated their 1st anniversary of their Starbox (i’ve reviewed Starbox several times), like someone else mentioned ELF just announced their own bi-monthly beauty box, and bareMinerals has quarterly subscriptions as well (each eye shadow box comes with three pigments and a brush), the Austrailian comoany Mirenesse has Glymmbox as well and I am sure that there may be others, but those are the ones that come to mind first. it’d be fun in if urban decay, mac, makeup forever, etc came out with their own boxes or even in bath & body works had one.


  • 8/20/13 21:03 megan:

    I signed up and have a photo of the first box. How can I share it here? I’ve tried dragging or copying the photo…no luck…


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