NARS Sephora Exclusive Blush Palettes for Fall 2013

NARS Soulshine Blush Palette Sephora

Soulshine and Realm of the Senses are two new exciting Sephora Exclusive NARS Blush Palettes launching August 1st at Sephora.

After my incredibly experience with the NARS Blush Palettes in Boys Don’t Cry and Rotonde from the NARS Pierre Hardy Collection I’m quite eager to get my hands on these two new limited edition blushes!

Take a look!

Makeup artists know that using multiple shades of blush lends depth and dimension to the face. Now, beauty lovers can achieve their own elevated levels of artistry at home, thanks to two new NARS Sephora Exclusive Blush Palettes available exclusively at Sephora and this August.

Soulshine (peachy pink with gold shimmer, sheer golden apricot, soft rose tone with golden shimmer

NARS Soulshine Blush Palette Sephora

Realm of the Senses (flirty, sheer peach, shimmering bronzed rose, and sparkling gold sand

NARS Realm of Senses Blush Palette Sephora

Each palette is $41.

YES please, I’ll take both!


  • 7/17/13 15:46 K.B.:

    Maybe the second, but possibly neither. There’s a lot of synonyms for “shimmer” in the shade descriptions for both palettes.


  • 7/17/13 17:00 amy:

    Realm of the Senses looks stunning, but the timing couldn’t be any worse! I’m planning a hefty NARS haul for August, and a MAC Pro haul in September, so I may have to reevaluate my priorities. There are just sooo many NARS goodies I can only pick up online, so I’m just planning to go all out. Maybe when I see these in-store it’ll make my decision easier…


  • 7/18/13 11:13 kimkats:

    $41? Ouch – that’s kinda steep. Those are really pretty, but they’ll have to knock me out in person for me to pony up $41 for a blush….


  • 7/18/13 12:43 sjgs:

    Are these the same size as a regular blush or bigger?


    • 7/18/13 12:53 the Muse:

      bigger sjgs, twice the size of a normal blush :)


  • 7/22/13 13:36 Jaz:

    I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed crazy. I want these blushes , and I am figuring out how to get them in my life. *Quickly calculates how many hours I am going to have to work to afford this AND Marc Jacobs- OY VEYYYYY*. Definitely will need to be on a spending ban soon


    • 7/22/13 13:37 the Muse:

      lol jaz ;D


    • 7/22/13 13:57 amy:

      Seriously. I’ve already got a NARS haul planned for August, but I’m thinking I need to make some adjustments to fit this into the budget. I can pass on Soulshine, but Realm of the Senses is calling my name.


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