Shills Closer to You Concealer SPF 50 Review & Swatches

Shills Closer to You Concealer

Shills Closer to You Concealer is a LONG time favorite product of mine! Honestly, several years ago when I originally purchased it, as I recall, it didn’t contain an SPF 50 so of course, I was very excited that it actually had so much sun protection in the new formulation!

You NEED it!

Unfortunately Shills Closer to You Concealer is available in a single shade but if you happen to fit that shade you’re in for a treat. Housed in a tiny compact featuring a cute vintage image of a couple about to smooch this quite reminds me of something Benefit would put out. Shills is actually legendary for copying some of Benefit’s packaging over the years!

I reviewed Closer to You when I first started my blog but with the new improved formula I thought it deserved a revisit. I also had to stock up on more since I polished off my last pot so now was a good a time as any to get in a fresh review!

This reminds me of Bobbi Brown Concealer pots but it has a thinner more emollient, creamy texture so it glides under eyes like melted butter. The texture is so hydrating it’ll blend evenly and smoothly even under the driest of dry eyes. It’s richly pigmented so it’ll do an excellent job concealing dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. Plus the super smooth, slightly slippery texture dries down to a satin silky finish which wears for a solid ten hours without fading, creasing, or disappearing.

Shills Closer to You Concealer SPF 50 4

Shills Closer to You Concealer Swatches

The light peachy beige shade has creamy beige peach undertones and does an excellent job of brightening up tired eyes instantly. I love the photoshopped finish this provides and love how bright and happy my eyes appear after using it.

The formula hasn’t changed in the least all these years however, now it contains a whooping SPF 50! Yay! Protection under my eyes as well as flawless coverage!

For me it’s a solid gold concealer and one of my very favorite concealers of all time.

It’s been Muse Approved before and it remains Muse Approved today.

LOVE this stuff.

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  • 7/3/13 13:00 Lemony Licks:

    I have been using Missha The Style Perfect concealer after seeing your post on it, so I think I NEED this one too! Thanks for the review!


  • 7/4/13 6:40 Annie:

    omg is that Rhett & Scarlett? I have drier eye area so this seem like a good fit. The shade seem amazing as well. Definitely a must-have on my next sasa haul.. thanks Muse :)


  • 7/4/13 13:39 Phyrra:

    SPF 50? LOVE!


  • 7/4/13 13:46 jeansco:

    ooh looks pretty good! what shade of Bobbi Brown corrector do you think it’s a close match to? I use light bisque..wonder if this could be a replacement?


  • 7/5/13 10:25 yelena:

    oooooh I want it!


  • 7/5/13 12:22 Jennifer:

    Oh how clever! I was going to ask you why a Benefit product is called Shills: what does that mean and why do you have to go to Sasa to purchase it. Gah! I guess you don’t have to hit me over the head with a brick!


  • 7/5/13 16:26 Jenny:

    How does this compare to the Shills Electric Eye concealer? I noticed that it too has been upgraded with SPF 50 and you had a review on it too.


    • 7/8/13 9:19 the Muse:

      same consistency just lighter color


  • 7/6/13 14:47 amy:

    I was going to bite the bullet, and order this, but it’s out of stock! I don’t really *need* under-eye concealer to “hide” anything, but I love the idea of SPF 50 for an eye product, and the fact it contains shea butter & vitamin E… Hopefully, it’ll be restocked, but if not, do you know of any other similar products? Even if the coverage is minimal; I just love the idea of moisture & high SPF.


    • 7/8/13 9:12 the Muse:

      unfortunately not with that level of SPF…most concealers don’t have it :-/ electric eyes is another product shills does which is equally creamy but a little lighter.


  • 7/10/13 16:34 Sandra:

    I’m fascinated by your thoughts on the Shill concealer. I’ve tried to order from their website but keep being denied because my email hasn’t been verified. I keep getting notices that an email has been sent and to link back to their site and the I can order.

    Have you any suggestions as to how I can order from them? I really want to try this and saw a couple of other things I could be interested in.

    Thanks for all the reviews. You have helped me streamline my makeup/skin care buying.


    • 7/10/13 16:36 the Muse:

      not sure sandra I never had an issue registering an account perhaps contact them directly for support? My pleasure :) glad it was helpful! Hope you fix up the issue with Sasa!


  • 7/30/13 20:28 Maria Manoela Porto:

    WOW! Now I’m excited to try!


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