Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation for Fall 2013

Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation

What’s that you say? You love Smashbox Halo? What if I told you Smashbox has a new Liquid Halo HD Foundation to love on for Fall 2013? The Halo Collection has been extended from a simple powder this Fall to a new liquid foundation formula.

Take a peek!

Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15 for Fall 2013 ($42) launches in ten shades this Fall with a new 100% Liquid Light Technology to even out your skin tone and create a stunning luminous finish!

Gel covered pigments mimic photo filters which in turn blur imperfections on your face giving your a flawless, photoshopped and photo ready appearance!

It promises long wearing sheer to medium color pay off.

Halo isn’t just a powder anymore kids.

I think I might skip though….sounds like it might be a little too luminous for me and I tend to avoid glow-y foundations like the plague as I have a fuller face.

How about YOU?

Think you wanna try?

Available now at

  • 7/9/13 10:33 Cj:

    WANT! Halo liquid…. Just sounds like it’d be amazing lol. I always set my foundation anyway so if its too glowy it won’t be a big deal.

    Dd you see these btw?


    • 7/9/13 10:38 the Muse:

      ha reviewing the moisturizer today and LOVES it btw ;-D


      • 7/9/13 10:40 Cj:

        Woot cheapo moisturizer FTW 😛 How’s ur day going btw? Some1 stole my hot cocoa mix so I’m grumpy LOL


        • 7/9/13 10:43 the Muse:

          dude seriously it’s near 90 here and you’re grumpy about hot cocoa? what are you doing with hot cocoa in florida anyway? isn’t that illegal? you should be drinking a frozen hot chocolate, I’ll airmail you one over from serendipity! it’s a little too rich for now though! way moisturizing! Better for Fall!


          • 7/9/13 10:49 Cj:

            If I don’t get something hot to drink in the morning… You know the hulk? They based that on me. I start throwing cars into buildings and smashing walmarts.

          • 7/9/13 10:53 the Muse:

            lol! aw my poor baby! no cocoa in the house!

          • 7/9/13 11:00 Cj:

            It’s a conspiracy. I swear I had 2 full jars >.> I can’t trust anyone!!

          • 7/9/13 11:08 the Muse:

            you’re an only child right? maybe the cat stole it. I WOULD NOT put it past the cat!

          • 7/9/13 11:25 Cj:

            I wouldn’t either. That piggy is the size of a large dog lol.

          • 7/9/13 11:26 the Muse:

            LOL! poor cat blamed for everything.

          • 7/9/13 11:32 Cj:

            If only he’d eat them damn annoying birds. But he’s too lazy to catch them. I swear last time they got out he was sitting on the table drooling “come to me my pretties”

          • 7/9/13 12:00 the Muse:

            here tweety tweety!

  • 7/9/13 10:48 amy:

    I’ve been carefully weighing my foundation options, and every one I’ve considered falls short of what I want/need. Oddly enough, of all the ones that have made the “short-list” tend to seem ideal, but have a matte or satin finish. I’m looking for “dewy & glowy”, so this may just be the one. If the fellas down at Smashbox learned anything about foundation from Great-Grandpa Max, then I have high hopes for this one! I’m planning a big foundation overhaul at the end of the year, so the timing couldn’t be better.


    • 7/9/13 11:07 amy:

      So, I just did a search of the ingredients, and am happy to report this is free of both mineral oil/paraffins *and* parabens, and I didn’t see parfum/fragrance listed. This could very well wind up being my HG foundation!


  • 7/9/13 10:52 Michelle:

    Want want want this! I am obsessed with trying radiant foundations lately so this is right up my alley. Although for some reason as I continue to get better (read: older) my skin is starting to go from normal/dry to normal/combo (oily) so I may have to give up this love all too soon.


  • 7/9/13 11:30 Bree:

    Ohhh this sounds dreamy as long as it has coverage! I love luminous skin!


  • 7/10/13 16:34 Tina:

    This sounds tempting to try…. I have it in my Sephora cart.. At least I know I can return it if I hate it! 😀


  • 7/18/13 10:44 Tina:

    Got the foundation. Not impressed. The earth did not move. It reminds me of a lighter version of MUFE HD. And that one did not impress me either..


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