Step into Sultry with Sephora Eye Graphic 4 Colors Palettes

Sephora Eye Graphic 4 Colors Palette

For Fall 2013 a Sephora Eye Graphic 4 Colors Palette might just be a great way to get sultry, smoky eyes! These four quad eyeshadow palettes come in two shade variations with gorgeous smoky eye colors.

Take a look!

The Sephora Eye Graphic 4 Colors Palette are a little pricey at $24 each so I was thinking the Sephora It Palettes might be the better option to go with at this price…! Or perhaps when they go on sale?

Supposedly these have the intensity of a powder eyeshadow but the subtle easy to blend formula of a cream one!

Available in the following shades:

  • Smoky Violet (Violet, Silver, Aubergine, Black)
  • Smoky Burgundy (Burgundy, Beige, Taupe, Dark Grey)

Sephora Eye Graphic 4 Colors Palette Smoky Violet

Sephora Eye Graphic 4 Colors Palette Smoky Burgundy

These are available now at both Sephora and

What sorts of palettes are you lemming for Fall 2013?

So far I’m shopping my own stash for Fall looks since I own numerous natural eye palettes and shadows that I can create some great looks with for Autumn! But I’m eager to hear what brands like Urban Decay and Tarte are doing for color this year….! I’m kinda hoping for a Naked 3 Palette!

Speaking of shopping my stash…I hauled out Stila Creme Bouquet today and I have gotten SO many compliments! Sometimes I forget how incredible this stuff smells!

  • 7/22/13 11:22 Agata:

    The Smokey Burgundy palette looks really pretty. I’d be so happy if UD released a Naked 3 palette!


  • 7/22/13 11:33 Christina:

    When I first saw these last week,my initial reaction was “I WANT BOTH OF THEM! because both palettes are sooo my colors. But upon further investigation, they are, alas, made in China so I will have to pass. Same for the It Palettes. Le sigh.


    • 7/22/13 11:39 the Muse:

      yeah most of their collection is :( boo!


      • 7/22/13 11:51 Cj:

        What’s wrong with them being made in china?


        • 7/22/13 11:54 the Muse:

          they could be tested on animals, undefined ingredients in some cases, etc..


  • 7/22/13 11:36 Cj:

    I know I’m being anal about this but how did they do a promo shot with a crooked shadow o. The bottom left :<

    Ps: *giggle* I said anal


    • 7/22/13 11:39 the Muse:

      oh I just noticed that HA! 😀 lol you’re crazy ;-D


  • 7/22/13 11:53 Christina:

    BTW my sista…did you know a Ulta opened up in our (relatively speaking) neck of the woods? I stumbled across it a few weeks ago. Before then, Ulta was only on LI as far as I know.


    • 7/22/13 11:56 the Muse:

      WHAT? where? I only know of the one by woodbury commons! *jumps on you in excitement*


  • 7/22/13 12:00 Christina:

    OMG I think I just found a rendez-vous spot for we makeup sistas! It’s in Port Chester, right off I-95 in the Kohl’s shopping center. I was going to Rye Brook for an appointment and decided to see what was up in the Port Chester shopping center first. VOILA! ULTA! which was not there the last time I took a drive in that direction.


    • 7/22/13 12:40 the Muse:

      ooooooooooooo I’m not too familiar with Port Chester is that anywhere near the indoor flea market?! Ha! We should head there together! I’m heading on Holiday this week (leaving Thursday night) but I’ll email you when I get back maybe we can arrange something!? 😀 I’d love to see you!


  • 7/22/13 13:06 Christina:

    Yes, it is exactly where the indoor flea market is. Yes, e-mail me when you get back but be sure to enjoy your holiday!

    BTW for C.J. and anyone else interested: my problem with anything made in China is that CHINA DOES NOT REGULATE THE LEVELS OF LEAD IN ANY PRODUCTS. Do you remember the recall on children’s toys not too long ago do to high levels of lead? Well same issue with their make-up. No Made in China product is going on my face!


    • 7/22/13 13:17 the Muse:

      awesome I know exactly where that is! I remember there being a kmart or something there? and than it was a kohls right? or am I nuts?! ;-D been ages since I’ve been there! and yes def lead as well! I admit I still use products made in china though eep :-/ I wish I was more disciplined about it.


  • 7/22/13 13:33 Christina:

    You may well be nuts (me too) but yes, Kohl’s is the main store there, and a bunch of others. But I know you would have completely appreciate my “YES — ULTA – WOO HOO!” reaction when I pulled into the parking lot. I think I heard a heavenly choir.

    We need help, girl…


    • 7/22/13 13:37 the Muse:

      LOL! 😀 indeed! Especially since the one by woodbury is kinda far off and not exactly as local!!!! ;-D we def need to get there :-D! you have no idea how much help I need LOL!


  • 7/23/13 1:02 Cookie:

    A perfume called Creme Bouquet??!!

    I’m a baker and there is a very popular flavoring called Creme Bouquet — it’s a vanilla/ citrus mix. Hmm, wonder if theyre similar. Either way, I needs it!!


    • 7/23/13 9:31 the Muse:

      ha no kidding 😀 it doesn’t smell like citrus but more like a vanilla custard cake type scent 😀


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