Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick for Fall 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

You say you want a Revolution Lipstick, Well, you know, we all want to change the world! Or at least Urban Decay does with their new line of Revolution Lipsticks for Fall 2013.

You know you want these….!

Get ready for a revolution!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick will be available in a whooping selection of 22 shades this Fall (or as soon as tomorrow when it launches on Urban Decay’s website).

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick created this additively luxe formula with incredible color pay off in a creamy formula. This rich, buttery lipsticks promises creamy shine and intense pigmentation that applies smoothly on lips without dragging. And did I mention the HUGE color pay off?

The thick, cushiony formula promises a great wear and will be available in 22 shades in a kick ass gunmetal designed case embossed on the side of the lid with the UD emblem. Although slim this case has a weighty feel and houses a full size lipstick inside.


  • Shame (deep berry)
  • Venom (bright plum)
  • Jilted (deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift)
  • Anarchy (bright fuchsia)
  • Turn On (rosy pink)
  • F-Bomb (classic red)
  • 69 (bright red with pink understones)
  • Catfight (pink fuchsia with slight red undertones)
  • Bang (bright orange-red)
  • Streak (coral pink)
  • Manic (soft wine)
  • Rapture (dusky rose)
  • Rush (pink mauve)
  • Fiend (muted rose)
  • Native (pale pink)
  • Obsessed (bright baby pink)
  • Liar (pinky brown nude)
  • Naked (nude pink)
  • Naked 2 (medium beige nude)
  • Lovelight (pale peachy pink shimmer)
  • Protest (sheer peach nude) Urban Decay Website Exclusive
  • Strip (sheer medium mauve nude) Urban Decay Website Exclusive

Urban Decay uses its pigment infusion system to give Revolution Lipstick its creamy texture and incredible pigmentation. The formula is infused with Maxi-Lip that defines and hydrates lips and makes them appear fuller and plumper. The lipstick also includes a blend of jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and avocado oil to keep licks slick and moisturized.

You can join the revolution tomorrow when the lipstick launched at UrbanDecay.com and later this month at Ulta, Sephora, and Macys stores and online.

Review and swatches on the way!

  • 7/8/13 12:51 Leigh:

    Just saw this on another blog and ran here for the Muse Report (what can I say? I thought my eyes were seriously deceiving me) Ugh UD why you do this when I has more monies? my e-shop has had way to few sales to justify. :) :(


    • 7/8/13 13:03 the Muse:

      hehe leigh all true 😀 they launch tomorrow! ;-D no worries, they aren’t LE chica!


  • 7/8/13 12:51 Leigh:

    sry “no monies”


  • 7/8/13 12:56 Claudia:

    These sound great! Which colors are pictured?…I’m curious about the one that’s third from the left.


    • 7/8/13 13:02 the Muse:

      hi claudia sorry not sure just took a random pic late last night 😀 will def be swatching ALL the shades and doing photos shortly for you!


      • 7/8/13 14:16 Claudia:

        Thanks! :)


  • 7/8/13 13:52 breyerchic04:

    This is really a great combo of colors, I thought several of them were unique, and others at least probably have a better formula than their dupes.

    I’m excited by Maniac, Venom, Rapture, and Strip.


  • 7/8/13 17:18 Cindy Ramirez:

    Can’t like, I’m half excited, half worried. Saw some swatches that looked kinda ‘meh’ and Oil Slik just looked plain nasty haha. I’m hoping these look better on!


  • 7/8/13 17:32 kdurant:

    Looked for the red, much to my amusement , F Bomb is the red.


    • 7/8/13 22:37 Quinctia:

      Yep, they’ve been using that name for red for awhile, I have a polish with that name, and I think there’s a super saturated lip pencil with it, too! :)


  • 7/8/13 20:18 Libby:

    I need another lipstick like I need another skirt aka I’ve got so many that I need to start donating some to friends or passing them on to family ~_~ but who am I to resist…..


  • 7/9/13 8:29 Michelle from MI:

    The BEST part of this post is the Beatle clip–so enjoyed this! Always love that you are into ‘classic’ rock!!! Put on some of their early stuff & dance in the family room–nothing better.


    • 7/9/13 9:06 the Muse:

      hehe michelle happy to hear that always love hearing from someone else who loves good classic rock ;-D


  • 7/9/13 14:50 Malifiscent:

    I was wondering why the old lippys were going for a song on the website. Bought quite a few. Thankfully with these new ones, I won’t be stopped by airline security for a suspicious article in my makeup bag (true story!). The saber on the cap tripped them out. I had to prove it was actually lipstick!


    • 7/9/13 14:58 the Muse:

      LOL! true that old packaging was lethal ;D


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