Beauty Most Unusual: The Sweet Sizzling Smell of Bacon

bacon shaving cream

Ahhhh bacon! I hate you but I love the way you smell. Nothing smells better than fat hitting a sizzling pan. Mmmm what a smell!

For the men in your life I imagine they would greatly appreciate something like Bacon Shaving Cream, yes, it’s a real thing.

Or if you’re greedy you might just skip buying it for him and go ahead and spoil yourself with a little Bacon Shaving Cream. Slather it on your legs, maybe under your arms, and shave away to the sweet, sizzling smell of pig fat.

Mmmm Mmm good.

Smoky pork goodness.

Beauty Most Unusual?


I can’t confirm or deny if this is vegan.

Available now at

  • 8/27/13 12:42 Icequeen81:

    Ahhhh? I still managing to work the information on my brain cells.
    Why bacon? why on a shaving cream?


  • 8/29/13 18:54 Kristin:

    Yeah…I won’t be buying this, but only for my husband’s well being; if he came up to me afterwards smelling like a BLT, I’d probably try to eat his face. Lol


    • 9/4/13 12:08 the Muse:



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