Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists

Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists

Are you naughty or nice? Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists are available in Sweet Seduction and Sweet Addiction for the Fall 2013 beaut budget shopper.

Take a peek!

The new Bodycology Naughty & Nice Fragrance Mists are two new fragrance that will launch in stores for the Fall season for $5.99 each. I’ve only recently discovered my love of Bodycology mists so I’m quite eager to try these out.

Sweet Seduction is the nicer mist with a blend of fresh floral petals and apple. Secret Addiction is the naughty fragrance with an intense orchid note followed with notes of sensual wild berries!

These will be launching at Ulta, Walmart, and other Bodycology retailers this Fall.

I’m going to go ahead and say I’m both a little naughty and quite nice as well so sign me up for both scents.

How about you?

Naughty, Nice, or a glutton?

  • 8/5/13 19:37 Icequeen81:

    both I am both


  • 8/6/13 4:55 Ryou:

    These sound like they may be dupes for some Victoria’s Secret mists. Sweet Seduction sounds almost exactly like VS Pure Seduction (plum & freesia), not sure about Secret Addiction, though.


  • 8/6/13 18:40 Ashley:

    This reminds me of the Bath and Body Works Naughty vs. Nice Collection coming out


  • 8/7/13 10:38 Amy:

    Lol, a glutton!


    • 8/7/13 10:39 the Muse:

      haha I went to a wedding that had a rainbow bridal party once…it was seriously horrifying


      • 8/7/13 15:21 Amy:

        and fantastic!


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