Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream for Fall 2013

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream ($39) launches for the Fall season in three shade choices with an oil-free formula. Cargo doesn’t get nearly enough love around here so I def get excited when they pop up with something new and I really miss the fact they aren’t available at Sephora anymore.

I’m quite chuffed to hear they are going the CC Cream route this year like many other brands.

Take a peek!

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is a no all in one color correcting CC Cream with color adapting pigments that create soft undetectable coverage. Supposedly colors do adapt to your natural tone so the lack of shade selections will hopefully not be an issue.

I’m surprised more US brands didn’t go with the typical white CC Cream formula that adapts naturally. Instead I seem to find that CC Cream releases come in two flavors…they are either more pigmented than a BB Cream or they do have color adjusting technology but are available as a tinted form of it.

So far Tony Moly created one of the top CC Creams that I’ve found adjusted according for me and was a perfect finish and formula for my skin.

What CC Creams have you tried abroad or locally that you’re loving?

Do share!

Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream is available now at Ulta and

  • 8/8/13 13:53 Kimberly:

    I haven’t checked my local store yet, but Cargo’s website says their products are sold at the Sephora sections inside of JC Penny stores.


    • 8/8/13 13:56 the Muse:

      that is true but regular sephora’s do not carry cargo anymore.


  • 8/9/13 2:06 Phyrra:

    My favorites are the Tony Moly Luminous CC Cream and the It cosmetics CC Cream. I prefer the It, because it’s SPF 50 (yay). The Ole Henriksen is nice, too.


  • 8/15/13 14:09 Cathy Daley:

    I just got the Cargo CC cream on my last trip to Ulta. So far I really like it. I got the light and it does adjust to my correct shade. I was a bit leery about it but it works for me. I also like that it’s SPF 20 and spreads on my skin pretty easily. I tried a different brand CC cream with SPF and it was really thick and hard to spread evenly. I have no issues with this one.


    • 8/15/13 16:25 the Muse:

      fantastic cathy! sounds promising!


    • 8/17/13 10:06 Christina:

      Cathy – what is your coloring? Do you know your MAC shade? I’m trying to figure out what shade of this to get. Thanks!


      • 8/19/13 14:39 Cathy Daley:

        Hi Christina,

        No I’m sorry, I don’t know my MAC shade.

        My skin tone is fairly light but not extremely light. I have a lot of red and pink undertones but I blame that on my Irish heritage.

        I do tan a bit after an initial sunburn and I have foud that this CC cream in light still matches my new, slightly darker skin tone.


        • 8/19/13 15:06 Christina:

          Thanks Cathy – sounds a lot like my coloring/skin type; I actually ordered Light and Medium from Ulta – will just keep the one that matches :)


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