Covergirl Hunger Games Collection for Fall 2013

Covergirl Hunger Games Collection

Yes, it’s true, Covergirl Hunger Games Makeup Collection for Fall 2013 hits stores October 1st and is inspired by the Hunger Games Catching Fire. The news of the Covergirl Hunger Games Collection is completely viral as of yesterday when Covergirl started tweeting and instagramming promo images of the collection. Earlier in the Spring Cover Girl had mentioned they’d be doing a Capitol Makeup Collection of some sort but no solid details are available yet for the collection.

Here’s a few things I know.

The Covergirl Hunger Games Collection will include nail decals, polishes, glosses, mascara and more all based on the book’s (or film’s) 12 districts. Below you’ll find photos of the Luxury District and Fishing District’s looks. Supposedly parts of the collection were used on the cast of the Catching Fire stars including Jennifer Lawrence.

Covergirl Hunger Games Catching Fire Fishing District

Covergirl Hunger Games Catching Fire Luxury District

I’ve seen a few photos that had Flamed Out Eyeshadows and Eye Pencils included with the promo images and I have to admit this worries me as it seems just a relaunch for a product line and not really concentrating on a collection inspired by the books and films. I’d love some limited edition packaging, gorgeous unique shades, etc…but I fear the Covergirl Hunger Games Collection might be a relaunching pad for products already available in the Covergirl general catalog.

I look forward to be proven wrong about this. Hell, I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’m wrong.

What do you think of this collection?

Do share!

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  • 8/15/13 10:17 Deeds:

    If this collection has any sort of special packaging, it is game-over for my wallet.


    • 8/15/13 10:18 the Muse:



  • 8/15/13 15:17 Mal:

    Well I’m certainly intrigued


  • 8/15/13 19:17 jenn:

    agree. am excited to see what they come out with.


  • 8/15/13 20:41 Ashley C.:

    Okay, I know where all my money is going!


  • 8/15/13 23:12 Debbie:

    I usually take a pass on Cover Girl. I always seem to break out from their products,,,plus I hate that smell they seem to have!


  • 8/15/13 23:14 clementine:

    Is it bad that I look at these promo images and think, “There’s no way they did that with CoverGirl products.”


  • 8/16/13 13:44 Abbey W:

    I don’t know how I feel about trying to track down the limited edition products, but those promo images are STUNNING. Incredibly gorgeous (especially the top one). I don’t think I’ve ever looked at an image with blue lipstick and thought it was beautiful.


  • 8/17/13 17:35 mitheena:



  • 8/18/13 18:06 Chelle:

    I quite like the promo images – they’re not what I’ve come to expect from CoverGirl at all and that’s a really nice surprise. However, like you’ve said, I’m really skeptical about them relaunching current products. They have a wonderful opportunity here to step up their products and make a giant comeback from their 90s days and I hope they follow through on it.

    Thanks for the info – you’re first place I’ve spotted this info and it took me by surprise!


    • 8/19/13 9:53 the Muse:

      my pleasure chelle!


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