E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes Launches and Mark Sheppard Leaves?

E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palette

E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes launch, Cas becomes human, and Mark Sheppard might leave Supernatural? Maybe not….Mark joins White Collar for Season 5 (which films in the UK) and worries me about his future with Supernatural but Crowley is equally human so I’m wondering how he’ll fit in with Season 9 and I worry how much time Mark have to dedicate to Supernatural while filming White Collar.

AHHH! These things keep me up at night. Especially since I’m such a fan girl when it comes to both Mark and his father. I’ve met Mark a few times and he’s such a humble actor and interacts so incredibly with fans across social media and in “real life”. So yeah, I’d be absolutely devastated if I don’t get my Crowley fix 😀

But good news is he has discussed during Comic Con his return! I just worry it won’t be in as many episodes if he’s busy with White Collar!

We shall see but I, for one, look forward to Fall 2013 when Supernatural returns.

And as for E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes, well, you’ll have to take the jump for that.

E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes look like they have a very interesting texture if promo images are accurate. Along with the recent Geometric Collection I feel like E.L.F. might be veering slightly away from their more drier eyeshadow formula….granted some E.L.F. Eyeshadows have a fairly velvety texture that’s easy to blend and apply especially at these prices.

But some of these new palettes, using E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes as a perfect example, appear to have a softer more Japanese-like eyeshadow quality.

They claim the new Prism Eyeshadow Palettes are a powder but feel more like a cream which does intrigue me!

E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes are $10 each which is quite high for an E.L.F. product of any kind and one so small as well since each palette merely contains six shadows each. E.L.F. has offered palettes that include 50 or 100 shadows at a lower cost than $10 which again makes me wonder if the formula will be an improvement at this price.

These come in two shade selections:

  • Sunset
  • Smoke

E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes Smoke

E.L.F. Studio Prism Eyeshadow Palettes Sunset

I might just pick up Sunset as I’d like to see how it performs!

What do you think?

These are available now at www.eyeslipsface.com

  • 8/7/13 11:10 Caroline:

    I’m certainly intrigued by these, but I want to see some reviews/swatches before I buy them. I’ve been burned by Elf eyeshadow palettes in the past!


    • 9/11/13 4:08 Rachael:

      I bought both sunset and smoke (used the half off coupon) and they are amazing!

      Great pigment, shimmery colors, soft, almost creamy texture, and long lasting.
      They are similiar to my Lancome and Estee Lauder.
      I stopped buying most eyeshadows from ELF because they were just not that impressive; many times the colors and textures were more like sidewalk chalk, but these are fantastic!


  • 8/7/13 11:21 Faiza Qaiser:

    Well they look good in the pictures . would love a review of them by you .


  • 8/7/13 12:47 Elizabeth:

    I got the geo palette. It was the first eye palette I have ever gotten from them. I thought the shadow were quite nice. Most of the colors are quite pigmented even over my ELF essential primer. Once I happily dipped my brush in a swiped a few times to find I had way too much color on one eye. I don’t think I would pay full price for it($30) but if it goes on sale I would pick it up.


    • 9/12/13 3:20 Clotho:

      The geo palette is now $15, plus Elf has a 50% off sale for the next two days, so you could save 75%. Namaste!


  • 8/7/13 13:49 Sara:

    Misha reminds me a bit of Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara, both in behavior and kind of facial features and expressions. And I do love them both immensely, but it’s kind of strange to not have noticed it with watch Cas because definitely not the same expressions even, which is pretty impressive acting-wise.

    And, um, something makeup related… it’s lovely… in general.


    • 8/7/13 13:57 the Muse:

      i never watched it to be honest…! I agree! Misha is indeed a complete contrast to his character ;-D! you don’t get that gruff gritty voice he uses for Cas and he’s way more laid back! I can’t say that I see Cas in him when he’s just plain old Misha……You know how some actors you watch in an interview and you just see their character there but with misha I don’t really see cas…it def is testimony to his acting 😀

      hehe thanks Sara glad someone was on Supernatural with me today!


  • 8/8/13 3:22 Angel:

    Not usually an elf fan, but that Sunset palette has my ears perking up. Such great colors!


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