Everybody Lush Rock Your Body Yeah!

Lush Rock Your Body

Everybody yeahhhhh rock your body! With the Lush Rock Your Body Gift Set of course. I could not resist getting in some Backstreet Boys in there. As an anti-Backstreet Boy fan and an embarressing one of New Kids circa 1900 or something along those lines I’ll happily admit that song gives me an ear worm and just makes me want to bop my head to it.

The new Lush Rock Your Body Gift Set is course includes essentials for rocking your body…or something like that.

Btw…the internet is a wonderful thing because someone posted Jedward singing Rock Your Body on YouTube. Seriously, Jedward singing it?

Freaking A people!

More deets about the set below!

Strip down and lather up with your choice of a Lush Soap, yup you pick it and the Rock Your Body Set will include your choice. Now scrub, scrub, and exfoliate all those dead skin cells with Lusu Sugar Scrub! Step out of your shower, dry off, and slather your skin is Lush’s rich Dream Cream Body Lotion and finally pick a deodorant or dusting powder from Lush, anyone you want, to include in your Rock Your Body Gift Set and sprinkle it on to complete your skin spoiling regime!

The set comes with the sugar scrub and Dream Cream but you get to pick the other two items to include in the set.

It’s $25.95 and available now in stores or online now at www.lushusa.com

  • 8/12/13 13:52 Amy:

    I just picked this up yesterday, though I got a massage bar instead of soap. Ummm… the combination of the vanilla massage bar with the coconut deodrant sprinkled on? To die for.


    • 8/12/13 14:00 the Muse:

      Mmmm! 😀


  • 8/12/13 14:40 Karina:

    OMG… I don’t need it… but I WANT IT xD


  • 8/13/13 6:09 andi:

    I considered getting this set until I realized you could get all the products for cheaper at the uk site. And that’s with getting the full size of Dream Cream ahaha.


  • 8/13/13 13:43 Cindy Ramirez:

    A kit for all your bits?! HA! I giggled, I’ll admit it. ;]


    • 8/13/13 13:44 the Muse:



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