Fresh Life Eau de Parfum Review

Fresh Life Eau de Parfum

Fresh Founder Lev Glazman recently introduced Fresh Life Eau de Parfum that debuted exclusively on QVC earlier this month. Fresh Life Eau de Parfum embraces the ultimate “fresh” moment with a timeless scent that’s beautiful, light, and yes, of course, all Fresh.

Take a look!

Fresh Life EDP

Fresh Life Eau de Parfum gets an early launch on QVC but it will become available nationwide in November. So of course, if you’re a fan of Fresh fragrances now is your chance to get this new fragrance early at QVC.

After years of developing unforgettable fragrances, Lev Glazman presents the Fresh Life scent that encompasses the essence of the brand. Designed with an innovative and nontraditional structure, Fresh Life consists of four different compositions carefully blended together to capture the ultimate Fresh moment

The scent starts out with a bed of Velvet Bergamot, Vanilla Grass, and Dreamy Cypress. There’s no denying that the first mist captures and sets the precedent for how the scent will dry down. It’s fresh slightly green with touches of bergamot and vanilla in the background. AS it dries down delicate touches of grapefruit and magnolia play gently in the background. And finally as it dries down it gets a sparkling release of silky amber, a bite of tart orange, and fresh floral notes of tonka flowers interwoven with cucumber and morning dew. The scent is complex yet simple with sparkling touches, delicate notes, and just the right balance of fun and fresh. When you envision the Fresh brand I’d say Life would be it’s signature scent due to the freshness of this fragrance. If you enjoy more lighthearted scents with sparkling notes Life is something you’ll adore as it is both playful and slightly cheeky.

The fragrance debuts on QVC at a discounted price of $66 and becomes available for the Holidays in November at other locations such as Sephora and Nordstrom for $80.

Has anyone tried it?

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  • 8/13/13 13:27 Chynna:

    I love the Fresh fragrances but I’ve never found one that lasts. I was so excited to buy the Sugar fragrance, since I love it in the body cream and lip balms, but it was huge and expensive disappointment. If I can find and test this in a store, I’ll consider it. Until then, I’m keeping an eye out for reviews.


    • 8/13/13 13:31 the Muse:

      me either, my body chemistry ends up sucking this up! This is fairly ok…! I say a few mists worth (like four) will get me through a six hour period and that’s alot for Fresh fragrances or at least for me. Although the exception to the rule is Lemon Sugar which lingers long on me ;-D


  • 8/13/13 22:11 Icequeen81:

    Im looking for a fresh fragrance, Is lemon sugar from BBW or VS?
    It they are hope I can find them here cause I need one that linger and is fresh.


    • 8/13/13 23:43 the Muse:

      both make one icequeen as does fresh they do a great lemon sugar :)


      • 8/14/13 8:53 Icequeen81:

        Which one do you recommend me ? which one do you use


        • 8/14/13 9:07 the Muse:

          i like the VS one and the Fresh one, both are fab! the Fresh one is probably the stronger of the two though!


          • 8/14/13 10:27 Icequeen81:

            I will look for VS, that can be easier to find here, the fresh one looks like a great laterative shame they dont sell it here

  • 9/16/13 18:34 Melisa:

    I just received this several days ago. I spritzed my wrist and thought that it reminded me of another fragrance, which I could not remember at the time. I decided to wear it today and then it dawned on me…Tova, it’s smells so much like the Tova fragrance, which I tried to love and just could not. I don’t find anything great about this fragrance, so it is going back.


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