Inexpensive Makeup Organizers and Storage

Ikea Helmer2

Some of my own makeup stashed away in another inexpensive storage solution, the Ikea Helmer as shown above.

I need a hell of a lot more storage than these cute little Makeup Organizers are offering but they are still a very cute, inexpensive way to store your essentials which you use daily.

They can even double up on your desk to hold pens, etc..

Take a look!

Makeup Organizers and Storage
Makeup Storage Unit
The larger organizer is $16.95 and the smaller is $14.95. Each has slots for lipsticks, brushes, well as small pull out drawers that you can tuck other bits and bobs into.

I thought they’d either make for a great way to store brushes or to just set up in your washroom with essentials like brushes you use daily, concealer, your primer, BB Cream, etc…!

They won’t hold a beauty junkie’s entire collection but if you don’t have a TON of makeup like most of us you might just find they do the job of holding your entire stash.

In that case, I say lucky you because I need an entire room to stash away my makeup :)

These are available at

  • 8/27/13 11:57 AnniLau:

    There are people with that little makeup? *boggles*

    What I need is a way to organize all my non-makeup items in the bathroom. Like, I hate having bottles of moisturizer and mouthwash and whatever else all over my counters, but there’s next to no storage space in there.


  • 8/27/13 12:12 Chynna:
    • 8/27/13 12:15 the Muse:

      that is amazing I think I need it.


    • 8/27/13 12:43 Daniela:

      Hello fellow Texan! That is truly the only toilet brush I’ve ever seen that I thought “Cute!!!”.

      Speaking of makeup organizing I just repurposed one of my bookshelves into a palette “library”. I love it:)


      • 8/27/13 12:48 the Muse:

        Smart! Bookshelf+makeup very good storage idea ;D


  • 8/27/13 12:27 Missy:

    Soo cute! But that wouldn’t even hold my lipsticks… hahaha


  • 8/27/13 13:21 sataa:

    Muse Can you please please please do a post showing your makeup collection I really want to see your treasure πŸ˜€


    • 8/27/13 13:25 the Muse:

      i’ve already done a few posts on it sataa :)


  • 8/27/13 13:52 Sara Elisabeth:

    Sometimes I wish I could start over. I have so many purchases I regret making!


    • 8/27/13 14:03 the Muse:

      ditto! ;D


  • 8/27/13 15:58 Tavia:

    Those beauty organizers are adorable…I’m already imagining them on my makeup table. Do you know if they ship to Europe as well? I have a similar beauty organizer from a transparent plastic material but it’s full already. :)


    • 8/27/13 15:58 the Muse:

      MMMMMMMMM not sure Tavia…! check their FAQ!? πŸ˜€


      • 8/28/13 9:43 Tavia:

        I didn’t see anything there about international shipping so that’s why I was asking. :) I don’t want to have to make an account and at the end to tell me they don’t ship to Europe. Anyway I really love that beauty organizers :)


        • 8/28/13 9:48 the Muse:

          sorry not really sure Tavia…maybe email them?


  • 8/27/13 16:29 Steffi:

    I’m thinking of buying something, do you have a source code to let them know that you sent me to them?


    • 8/27/13 16:42 the Muse:

      I do not steffi but that’s so NICE that you asked :)


  • 8/27/13 17:16 Phyrra:

    Those are super cute!


  • 8/27/13 20:20 ruthless:

    I’ve always wondered about your stash… How many Helmers do you have? TELL US… I have two Alex cabinets, one for makeup one for nail polish


    • 8/28/13 6:49 the Muse:

      always wanted to do all alex cabinets! those are rocking! mmmm I have about 4 but also have other spots I store makeup πŸ˜€


  • 8/27/13 20:30 Debbie:

    I can see using either of these for my monthly makeup basket,,or holder,,as the case may be! ;D


  • 8/28/13 0:50 Ryou:

    This sounds like the perfect item to organize the products I wear everyday! I do have a milion lip and eye products, but I tend to stick to one or two face products — The organizer would eliminate the need to dig through my stash to find them. πŸ˜€


  • 8/28/13 5:53 Cookie:

    Am I supposed to be keeping the boxes??!! After I decide it’s something that works/ doesn’t irritate me, I toss the box. In fact, I love that moment β€” it means it’s mine! But I never thought the box was important. Now I don’t have that much makeup and I use most everything. Don’t really have any LE. Should I start now??😳😳😳


    • 8/28/13 9:14 the Muse:

      lol not really unless you’re a little OCD like me πŸ˜€


  • 8/28/13 11:53 Alanna:

    I have a little white ikea vanity and these would match perfectly! I have a set of plastic drawers under it and a bunch of cute glasses and ceramics to hold things on top haha.


    • 8/28/13 12:26 the Muse:

      CUTE! πŸ˜€


  • 9/3/13 3:02 Anupriya:

    You know muse, if I ever get a chance I would raid your collection πŸ˜›


    • 9/3/13 9:18 the Muse:

      have at it πŸ˜€


  • 4/22/15 22:29 Kallie Mason:

    They don’t have them at lakeside anymore :c anyone know where else you can get these? The small one is perfect for me


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