Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet Review & Swatches

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Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet is long overdue for a review so today I’ll be telling you about this interesting spray on foundation. Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet was released some time ago in Japan and it was something I had meant to discuss but never got around too. Possibly because it didn’t make a huge impact on me…!

Take a look!

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Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet is a cream spray foundation that acts to minimize the appearance of larger pores with a cooling sensation that provides coverage as well as moisture in the form of hyaluronic acid and sun protection with SFP 35. This comes with a tiny and thin sponge for application and is available in two shade selections.

It isn’t meant to be sprayed directly on your face obviously. You can spray across the back of your hand and swirl your brush in it or spray it on the back of the sponge and swipe it on. I don’t particularly like the sponge for application as it feels like a scratchy foam texture to me so a brush is best suited for application. It sprays easily enough so no worries about overdoing as just the right amount is dispensed.

Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet

It feels very cool and refreshing which I really like about it but unfortunately that seems the extent of what I do like about it.

This comes in two shade selections, I tried the light of the two, but both have a very yellow base which makes my skin look sallow and unhealthy. Once applied I feel like it never truly sets and remains overly dewy and moist. This in fact leads to it transferring everywhere including the collar of a shirt. It fades ultra fast as well and lasts for as little as an hour period before disappearing quickly. I also dislike the fact that it really doesn’t offer a ton of coverage once it’s blended out. It’s the type of product that feels like it is absorbing right into my skin rather than providing any coverage.

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Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet Swatches

Overall, for me, Ishizawa Labs Nanoce BB Sorbet seems like an innovative product but unfortunately in theory it is messy, applies unevenly, makes my skin look terribly unhealthy, and fades horribly with a very short wear time. I’d strongly advise against a purchase. This is one foundation that seems interesting but falls very short!


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  • 8/13/13 7:27 Kaa:

    What I seek is precisely the opposite of what it offers ^.^’
    What do you recommend BB cream for oily skin, NW15 in Mac, which does not transfer to clothing or cell phone and be able to hide some redness and pimples?
    Thank you!
    xoxo from Brazil!


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