Jane Cosmetics Be Beautiful BB Cream for Fall 2013

Jane Cosmetics Be Beautiful BB Cream

More BB Creams on the horizon from your fav drugstore brands this Fall starting with the new Jane Cosmetics Be Beautiful BB Cream. Yes, Jane Cosmetics now has a BB Cream.

I remember Jane from way back in the 7th or 8th grade, I must be old. But I recall it being super hip back in my hay day and making an appearance in teen mags like 17, etc…!

The brand is back full force this Fall with new packaging and exciting new products like this new Jane Cosmetics Be Beautiful BB Cream.

Take a look!

Jane Cosmetics Be Beautiful BB Cream ($16) is possibly the most expensive drugstore BB Cream I’ve seen unless you consider Lumene’s pricing but I always think of Lumene as kinda a mid-range brand anyway. At $16 I was a little shocked especially since Jane has always been rather budget friendly. But hey, if it’s an excellent formula I don’t mind paying the buckage.

This BB Cream is available in a Light, Medium, and Dark shade selection. It promises the typical round of multitasking benefits such as priming, hydrating, smoothing, minimizing pores, and reducing redness while diminishing the appears of fine lines and pores. It does include an SPF 30 as well as a light formula that’s buildable according to Jane.

Haven’t tried it personally but of course, will review it as soon as I get my hands on a tube!


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It’s available now at Ulta.com

  • 8/8/13 10:35 amy:

    The higher SPF may justify the higher price, if (like you said) it’s a good product. The fact it caters to a younger demographic leaves me hopeful the coverage will be there. Hopefully, it doesn’t contain mineral oil.


  • 8/8/13 11:49 kimkats:

    $16?! for JANE?! that’s a bit steep, imo…. If it’s good it will be worth it, but it’s just another example of ds prices being jacked up to the point where it’s almost not worthwhile to buy ds and not he… Be interested to see reveiws of it….

    Do you know if Jane will be exclusive to ulta, or if it’ll be sold other places as well?


    • 8/8/13 12:16 the Muse:

      kim agreed, price range totes shocked me…not sure but I’ve seen Kohls had Jane?! haven’t noticed it elsewhere though! and also they have a website you can buy at and I imagine retailers are located there :)


  • 8/8/13 16:13 Olivia:

    I think I’ll skip this- I love my Pond’s BB cream right now and am kind of sick of BB creams…but I had to watch the video anyway because the girl’s orange nail polish is ever so fabulous!


  • 8/11/13 23:49 lil’eve:

    no. only korean bb and cc creams fo me


  • 8/28/13 9:05 Christina:

    I saw a display of Jane products at Ulta the other day and was shocked at the prices!!


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