Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color Do Want

Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color Blush

Ummm yeah so Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color do remind me of It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Airbrush Blush Stain but being the beauty junkie I am I still wants to try ’em!

Available in two shade selections Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color ($16) is considerably cheaper than It Cosmetic’s version and promises a perfect flush of healthy glow with fruit extracts like acai and goji berries and even blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry.

The mineral powder formula gives skin an airbrushed, matte finish.

Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color


  • Pink
  • Fig

It’s available now at Ulta or www.juicebeauty.com

  • 8/29/13 9:56 Ashley:

    These look pretty! I usually smash my blush with a hammer after putting it in a ziploc bag until its a powder, call me crazy but blush goes on much smoother when its in loose powder formulation, especially when you’re in a hurry like I always am.


    • 8/29/13 11:01 mindy:

      Ashley, that’s a GREAT idea!! and can mix up a concoction and make a favorite shade too, thanx for idea


  • 8/29/13 19:06 Christine:

    OOoooo… these look really pretty – I wonder when they’ll be available in Canada?

    The promo pictures make me laugh though in how they pile up the blush. It looks like it’s a sneeze away from decorating someone’s bedroom/bathroom floor.


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