Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume Commercial

As you know Katy Perry has a new perfume launching for Fall 2013 called Killer Queen. Today I ran across the ass kicking trailer promoting the fragrance and I thought you’d enjoy watching it!



  • 8/20/13 10:20 Christina:

    No. No way. Absolutely no way. You cannot make me look. I freakin’ hate Katy Perry and her godawful crapola music. Hate.


    • 8/20/13 10:33 the Muse:

      lol I don’t mind her, she’s ok! :)


  • 8/20/13 20:01 Cindy Ramirez:

    Not a fan of her music but daaaayyum she’s a pretty gal. I’m totally loving that promo vid!


  • 8/20/13 22:25 Nat:

    I love how she rips all the stuff off, makes this face like, “ahh, now I can breathe/relax” but she leaves the corset on! That’s the most restricting thing you had on, lady! 😀


    • 8/21/13 9:15 the Muse:

      ha true!


  • 8/21/13 12:37 katrosado:

    I can’t wait to check this scent out. I can’t find it yet where we live but I’m going “back to school shopping” for my youngest daughter (17 yr. old) at the mall this weekend. Hopefully I’ll find it there. I don’t mind Katie Perry although I wouldn’t say I was a big fan. She has two songs that I’ve liked in the past. One was “Firework”, and the reason I liked that one was because she included the most beautiful scene where a young man walks across a crowded room and kisses another young man. I’m the proud Mom of a gay man, and it’s hard to explain but I just really thought it was a wonderful scene to include. The other is a reggae remix by Andr Silva of her song ET. I used to listen to that when I walked in Hawaii. One thing I did notice though is—if I’m not mistaken didn’t I see a video of Beyoncé in the last year channeling Marie Antoinette too?


  • 8/25/13 2:51 Tessie:

    Hmm..what’s her next fragrance? Bohemian Rhapsody? Body Language? Fat-Bottomed Girls? Would’ve been cool if members of Queen were in the commercial, but then again they’re too cool to appear in a commercial.


  • 8/29/13 12:54 Sophie:

    Big fan of Katy Perry cant wait to buy this! The commercial is so good! does anybody know what song is used for this? it sounds familiar…


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