Laneige Perfect Pro BB Kit On Trend

Laneige Perfect Pro BB KIT

The biggest hit in Korea in 2012 was the vibrating BB and Laneige Perfect Pro BB Kit is on trend combing the popular BB Cream formula with a vibrating applicator. I think the vibrating BB has died down some but I am seeing a little of it here in the US at the moment as Pop introduced it’s own CC Cream with a separate buzzing applicator you can purchase to apply it. I do wonder if by Spring 2014 the trend might arrive on US shores finally and if so will every brand embrace the same mentality of packaging the two products, BB Cream and sponge, separately. If so I dislike the idea immensely.

Laneige Perfect Pro BB Kit is just one example of a set that features both products at a single price. BRTC also does similar sets which include a single formulation of one of their own popular BB Cream as well as handheld vibrating sponge applicator.

Let’s take a look!

Many brands have competitively released these kits and many are fairly good although I have run across one or two I dislike. The pairing of the puff which automatically pats BB Cream into your skin for the most flawless finish allows for the vibration to break the BB Cream up and present a more smoothest finish to a the creamy formulation of the base. Laneige’s own version has two switches of which is stronger for your forehead, cheeks, and chin and the other gentle for narrower areas like around your nose and lips. Apparently the vibrating massage from the sponge is also excellent for anti-aging as the patting motion circulates skin and muscles in your face to prevent snagging.

Laneige pairs up their own kit with the Snow BB Cream which has an SPF 30 and a formula with wrinkle correct and whitening ingredients.

Earlier this year Amore Pacific launched their cushion BB Cream so I wonder if they will, at some point, launch their own version of a vibrating set as Laneige and Amore Pacific are sister brands.

We shall see if the vibrating BB Cream set catches on for Spring 2014.


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  • 8/29/13 19:14 Christine:

    I saw this on a YT video by a Hong Kong beauty Youtuber. I’ve been curious about this since on the video, it really did give her skin a really good finish compared to just using her fingers. Plus, she also mentioned that you could use it for vibrating on skincare as well too.

    Can’t resist a good beauty gadget so I think I might ask some friends who will be travelling to Korea to grab me one.


  • 9/1/13 16:52 Hye Mi:

    It’s very exciting but a bit too pricey, I tried the UNT perfect vibrator and it’s meh-meh, not so hygienic. :)


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