Lavshuca Candy Bon Bon Lip for Fall 2013

Lavshuca Candy Bon Bon Lipstick

Lavshuca Candy Bon Bon Lip delights this Fall with a selection of 18 shades of lipstick in a color, shine, and trasnculent finish formula. Each lipstick is formulated with sweet almond oil for an extra moisturizing experience.

Take a look!

Lavshuca Candy Bon Bon Lip

Candy seems to be the order of business for Lavshuca lately! Starting with their recent release of the Candy Pop Shadow the theme of candy seems to be following through for Fall!

Mini lipsticks aren’t terribly new for Lavshuca as they’ve done them in the past but the Lavshuca Candy Bon Bon Lip Collection looks rather cute none the less. I believe they are already in stores in Japan or might be releasing the 21st of the month (that date is stuck in my head for some reason). I’ve already contacted one of my very good friends, Mai, who lives in Tokyo to grab me some should she see them!

I’m sure online shops will be begin stocking soon as well!

Can’t wait to try them!

What’s your lipstick lemming for Fall?

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  • 8/7/13 9:18 Sarah S.:

    Ooh, love the model’s read eyeshadow… and I love the idea of mini lipsticks, because I never EVER finish a lipstick. Feels slightly less wasteful.


  • 8/7/13 9:19 Sarah S.:

    Argh… I meant red >_<


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