My Hair Loves These!


  • 8/22/13 21:08 mindy:

    Could ya elaborate a bit Musekin?


    • 8/26/13 13:48 the Muse:

      i’ll have a review shortly :)


  • 8/22/13 21:31 mindy:

    me again, I searched and found that Walgreens sold it but it sold out in my entire borough!!! must be some good sh-t. And not available online either. I’ve got ALOT of wavy/curly long hair that has a life of its own. When did you buy it and where, do tell?


    • 8/27/13 13:20 the Muse:

      hiya mindy! I got it as a press sample so haven’t purchased in store or online…will research it see where it is available for you! :)


      • 8/27/13 13:43 mindy:

        hey Musekin, don’t knock yourself out or work too hard on it,
        I’ll have to save up anyway. I have stopped “collecting” beauty items at my age and limited fixed income and now only use a few basics that I really need But I still like to watch. (I’m a natural beauty now lol so my hubby tells me) Hair help is a necessity though. I read all your reviews now that I found you in July and don’t waste ANY money anymore, been blessed with great skin and hair. Used to just buy, buy, buy and throw away. thanx for your generosity of time and effort and honesty, I’ll try to keep the smiles coming, they’re “free” lol and I’m glad you get out of the City and stop and smell the roses. m


        • 9/4/13 14:47 the Muse:

          hey chica sorry delayed reply. Aw shucks thanks for noticing hehe. I need more hiurs in my day!

          I kinda stopped too…I used to avidly collect but with the blog you kinda get a bit burned out and stuff all sorts running together 😀 awwwww! LOVE YOUR HUB! Aw so great to have reader’s like you around 😀 And the smiles, keep ’em coming as they do brighten my day and inspire me! <3!

          Happy Hump Day!


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