Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream for Fall 2013

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream

It isn’t BB Cream, not CC Cream, and DD Cream, it’s Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream! That’s triple BBB Cream for those not in the know. Granted, I know all about BB Cream but I haven’t a clue what a BBB Cream is.

I’m positive it’s important though!

Setting themselves apart from the norm Napoleon Perdis introduced their Auto Pilot BBB Cream ($45) for the Fall season which is a hybrid HD foundation paired up with a moisturizer that contains SPF 30. The formula promises the perfect coverage for correcting uneven skin tone and light reflecting pigments brighten skin.

It also contains Blueberry Seed Oils, Green Tea Extract and a blend of Marine Minerals protect skin against free radicals. Snail mucus is also included in the mix which aids with anti-aging benefits as well as hydration. It is mineral oil and fragrance free as well.

I didn’t really love NP Set BB Cream so I’m a little unsure about this….but I do want to try it out and see what I think!

The shade selection is a little limited as it comes in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

This is now at Ulta and

  • 8/12/13 23:04 Nat:

    BBB cream?

    *sigh* (in Harvey Birdman’s voice)


  • 8/13/13 13:42 Cindy Ramirez:

    Auto pilot BBB? I CAN’T KEEP UP ANY MORE.


  • 8/13/13 21:38 rose:

    Maybe it’s like AA and AAA but for beauty? One helps with your product addiction and the other when your face crashes? >.<


  • 8/14/13 0:04 Anna In CA:

    Did no one pick up on the snail mucus? Muse please tell me that you wrote that to see if anyone is paying attention. I’m afraid that’s the deal breaker for me right there!EWWWWWW!


    • 8/14/13 0:11 the Muse:

      :) it really is in there 😀 It’s in a lot of Asian skincare items so I’m not really turned off by it ;-D


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