NYX Precious Pearls Nail Polish and Jewelry for Fall 2013

NYX Precious Pearls Nail Polish Kit

Take your nails to the next level with the cheap as chips NYX Precious Pearls Nail Polish and Pearls for Fall 2013. This kit includes everything you need to embellish your nails with beautiful pearls.

Take a look!

Inside each NYX Precious Pearls Nail Kits you’ll find your choice of Black Polish with Black Pearls, White Polish with White Pearls, or Black Polish with Black, Blue, and White Pearls plus tools to create a dazzling three dimensional pearl design on nails.

To use the kit simply apply the polish and drizzle the pearls over your freshly painted nails. Once the pearls are applied press them gently down onto the surface of your nails and finally apply a top cot to seal the pearls in place. To remove them you can simply soak with acetone for a few minutes.

Three dimensional nails are the Fall’s hottest accessory and NYX makes it easy to get a glam look in mere seconds with their affordable Precious Pearls Kit.

The sets are available directly from NYX at www.nyxcosmetics.com or grab one at Ulta.

  • 8/19/13 19:05 Dita:

    This looks just like Ciaté Caviar! :)


  • 8/19/13 21:08 Cindy Ramirez:

    I’ll admit I was totally all about the caviar manicures when they first came about, but this is one trend I’m personally over.


  • 8/20/13 1:04 Tigress:

    This look is effing hideous to me. I’ll never understand.


  • 8/20/13 12:35 Tara B:

    I don’t get this trend. It looks like you have tiny ants crawling all over your nails. EWWW!


  • 8/20/13 14:53 Lemon T.:

    I also don’t find this trend appealing (and safe). I cook and bake a lot and I fear some of these beads might end up in a dish or pot ajajja.


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