Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio Review & Swatches

Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio 15

I’m kinda all about these new phase of all in one bronzers lately! Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio is one such product as it includes not only a bronzer but a highlighter as well as a blush. See, I can’t wear bronzer to save my life. On occasion I run across a sparkly shade of bronzer that works fab for me but in most cases I like the use a touch of bronzer and pair it with blush and highlighter to make it more bearable or wearable in my case. Which is why I love little products like Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio as they combine all the elements I need to make my bronzer experience easy.

Take a peek!

Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio 22

This is one of those completely no nonsense bronzer experiences and since Pixi favors the fairer tones out there it is completely wearable for those that have beautiful English rose complexions sans the drama of too orange or muddy a bronzer experience!

This is divided into three parts so you can a neutral skin tone based bronzer that has a soft almost taupe color too it which produces a very realistic sunny glow on cheeks. It also has a blush sweet pink shade of blush to pair up with the bronzer and a nude toned highlighter to complete your look. The shades are soft, silky, and sheerer which makes them easy to apply and use. I’m not suffering from mega clown cheeks here when I use a heavier hand due to the sheerness of the product. It’s the type of product I cannot get wrong and I love that.

Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio

Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio Swatches

The silky texture blends easily onto cheeks and although each powder as a glow-y iridescence they do not accentuate my drier areas and wear perfectly smooth and flawless.

If you’re look for an all one experience with an easy to use bronzer the Pixi Beauty Bronze Sculpt Trio provides!

It’s available now at www.pixibeauty.com


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  • 8/9/13 9:46 Sarah S.:

    Hmm… not the colors I expected. I imagine this would work best not worn together, but using the peach with warm looks, the pink with cool looks, and the bronzer-like blush for winter. That said, for minimalists this would probably cover all blush bases!


  • 6/30/15 22:16 Tracy:

    This is beautiful, but it’s not the Bronze & Sculpt Trio, it’s the Bronze Bloom Trio. The Bronze & Sculpt Trio contains a bronzer (that is quite pigmented, actually), a sculpting shade (slightly less warm-toned than the bronzer) and a peachy highlight that looks good on my light/medium (winter) – medium/tan (summer) skin. Gorgeous! I would have gone with this palette, but because I don’t wear blush (my cheeks are naturally ‘flushed’ most of the time) I thought the Bronze & Sculpt Trio would be a better bang for my buck.


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