Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Palette

A bright delight of color awaits you with the new Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette! Available in two shade selections the new Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette caters to the natural girls (like me!) with the shade selection Naturally Bare or to the more daring lovelies out there with the shade selection Bright Delight.

Old beauty junkies might remember Pop Beauty’s Lid Neon Palette…am I bringing you back to your beauty past? Well the Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette is a lot like Neon Lid but with MORE pop!

Take a peek!

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette

Although I can’t wear many of these colors very well there is no denying the Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette in Bright Delight is awesome all around.

This bold, vibrant little palette packs a range of fun, vibrant shades with a silky, smooth, pigmented formula that have sizzle! Housed in a clear plastic compact you get a double ended eyeshadow applicator and ten eyeshadows for $24.

Shades Include:

  • Charcoal
  • Navy
  • Neon Blue
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Yellow
  • Pop Pink
  • Lilac
  • Teal
  • Sun Yellow
  • Cream Yellow

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Palette Fall 2013

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Palette

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Palette Swatches

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Palette Swatches

I’m not sure why but neon primary shades like these are difficult to come by that don’t have a chalkier dry formula but Pop proves that theory wrong out of the box. These shades are soft, velvety, and easy to apply and blend out. They lack sparkle or shimmer of any kind but still have a smooth, satiny finish that applies easily onto lids and blends out like creamy butter. The texture is wonderful and they do not lack pigment either. The shades provide excellent color pay off and will definitely be appealing to those who like brands like Sugar Pill.

Granted I’d probably be better suited for the other palette shade selection in this collection entitled Naturally Bare which includes a selection of smoky and natural colors but there is no denying that the Bright Delight Palette packs heat and plenty of fun for color lovers.

This one gets a Muse Approval.

I think neon colors are dangerous sometimes and prove chalky or dry but Pop cuts that theory down to size and introduces a selection of sizzling shades with a formula that’s easy to use, apply, and wear!

Now I wish I can actually get away with wearing vibrant shades of grassy green and neon yellow on my lids….Ahhh to be young again!

It’s available now at Ulta, Ulta.com, or snag it from Pop Beauty directly at www.popbeauty.co.uk (yes, the ship worldwide).



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  • 8/13/13 11:35 Rachael:

    These would be nice for adding just a pop of color on the lid. I’d like to have this palette so I can have some bright colors all in one convenient palette. All the colors look lovely too!


  • 8/13/13 12:23 Lemony Licks:

    Reminds me of the Sugarpill pro palette. The swatches look amazing!


  • 8/13/13 13:30 Cindy Ramirez:

    A super colorful palette with non-chalky colors and reasonably priced? SOLD!


  • 8/13/13 14:31 Ilinca Milosan:

    That purple looks like a dupe for UD’s eyeshadow in Fishnet 😮


    • 8/13/13 14:36 Ilinca Milosan:

      Oops wrong shade name sorry! I meant Ransom xD Except this is more pigmented. The UD one is a lot more sheer. Maybe like a combo of Ransom and Frigid?


  • 8/13/13 19:25 Maggie:

    Which country does pop beauty manufacture its shadow? Does anyone know?


    • 8/13/13 23:41 the Muse:

      this palette is made in china maggie


  • 8/13/13 20:38 Elizabeth:

    OMG. That green.


  • 8/13/13 23:12 auroragyps:

    Wow, this is a really n ice palette. I think I may have to get it.

    And Muse, you are not too old to wear these kinds of colors. If I can wear them at 40, and I know you’re younger than I am, you can wear them too. Sometimes you just have to have a “screw it” attitude and wear whatever makes you look fantastic.


    • 8/14/13 9:42 the Muse:

      aw def agreed auro! sometimes you just have to go with it!!!!!!!!


  • 8/14/13 18:30 Michelle:

    Omg, I read this and went to Ulta.com and bought this palette as well as the other two which one is Smokey and one is Nude. I cannot wait to get them!


    • 8/15/13 9:23 the Muse:

      YAY update me what you think!


      • 8/22/13 11:41 Michelle:

        I got all three palettes from Ulta and they arrived on Monday. Since I got them I have been LIVING in the nudes palette. Even if I use other shadows I am reaching for that palette for a browbone or inner corner highlight color.I think that this may be one of the best palettes I have bought this year and I have tons of nude palettes at this point.

        I am going to use the exact palette you reviewed this weekend for some fun and colorful looks. I’ll let you know what I think.


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