Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara Review

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara is a new limited edition range of color mascaras for the Fall season. I don’t really do color lash mascaras to be honest…I just feel like a clown wearing green on my lashes or even aqua. I don’t have issues with vibrant shadows but lashes…mmm..I’m kinda on the fence with colored mascaras on a whole.

But they are on trend at the moment with many drugstore brands launching their own versions.

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara did catch my attention because along with some funky shades they also had a black version. Hey, happy girl here! I didn’t want the color but they provided me with a simple black….! Thanks Rimmel.

Did I like Extra Pop Lash Mascara?

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara Fall 2013

Naaa! Unsure how the colored ones perform but the black was a sore disappointment. This comes with a standard thinner brush application without any bells or whistles. That’s fine by me as too many applicators are a tad TOO complicated or overly large lately. My issue was the formula was quite drier…thankfully this didn’t produce stiffer or crunchier lashes but I felt like I was using older mascara as I swiped it on.

My lashes are fairly long without mascara (ha I think they look in my before picture here than in my after one) so I’m looking for more dramatic length and a fuller look when using it. This didn’t really produce either. On the upside it did have a great wear and didn’t run or smear at all even swimming in it. But the actually effects it produced were snoring boring…no real length here, no volume, and it kinda made my lashes stick straight.

Rimmel Extra Pop Mascara

For a few dollars I don’t feel too bad about the purchase but if you’re heading it for a haul and don’t LOVE the idea of a colored mascara and decide, “hey at least they have black”. I’d say skip it.

Rimmel Extra Pop Lash Mascara Before After

Not worth the purchase.

Tried it?

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  • 8/27/13 23:28 Jade:

    Wow, it doesn’t even look like it did anything D:


    • 8/28/13 6:41 the Muse:

      lol yeah exactly


      • 8/28/13 18:28 Adrienne:

        Thanks for the review. I actually saw these today in Walgreens for $3.99 and what caught my attention was the comic book lettering they used and as usual I said I’d go back and see what Muse had to say so I’m gonna pass on this. I do like colored mascara but usually a navy or eggplant not violet or teal.


        • 8/29/13 9:31 the Muse:

          my pleasure! I think the comic book style marketing def had me too Adrienne! the colored ones might be worth trying!? but the formula isn’t much to rave about :-/


  • 9/5/13 22:45 Heidi:

    I actually just picked this up in the turquoise color for the fun of it and really like it. I had to apply a few coats but it really added a lot of color and added some good length and volume.


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