Stroke the Furry Wall with Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish

Time to stroke that furry wall with the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish.

Yes, you got that right, a nail polish with a fuzzy finish. OMG everyone run around and scream! Not sure why but the idea of fuzzy nails is terribly appealing to me.

The Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Polishes are a new textured nail color that give the appearance of a blurred, finely woven marbled fiber resembling yarn with a multidimensional network of color that gives nails, well, if them a furry wall look! Imagine having your very own furry wall to stroke?

The coolness makes my head feel like it’s about to explode.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat


  • Wool Lite
  • All Yarned Up
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Tight Knit
  • Fuzz-Sea
  • Fuzzy Fantasy
  • Wool Knot
  • Tweedy

Each bottle is $5.99 and available now at drugstores.

Anyone try these?

Do share curious minds how they work, look, etc….!

  • 8/5/13 11:44 Jaykee:

    these are actually pretty cool, though. all yarned up is my favorite! they been out for a bit tho, some target stores started putting them on clearance already 😀


  • 8/5/13 11:47 muttmutti:

    I’ve tried these and I wasn’t too impressed unfortunately😢
    It was a cool looking polish and i wanted to love it but the hair was kind of sparse and it took way too many coats to build up.
    Maybe it was just the shade I tried though?


  • 8/5/13 11:50 itiskismet:

    I’m not crazy about the Fuzzy Coats. They’re essentially bar glitter polishes and they’re very difficult to remove. Granted, they’re pretty, but not worth the trouble. I posted a short review (with pics) on my tumblr in case anyone is interested.


  • 8/5/13 11:51 Cj:

    Really? Stroke the furry wall? Really?? Come on… Lmao.


    • 8/5/13 12:00 the Muse:

      I couldn’t help it ;-D


  • 8/5/13 11:58 Carolina:

    I have Tight Knit. I got a LOT of compliments on it and it wasn’t very hard to remove at all!

    I put a basecoat on, then a coat of light blue polish, then two coats of the fuzzy coat for opacity. My nails looked honestly like feathers and it was pretty cool.


    • 8/5/13 13:43 katrosado:

      Good idea Carolina! I’ve been wanting to try these but the pictures I’ve seen swatched I wanted a more opaque look. I’ll layer now after I pick up this polish. Thanks!


  • 8/5/13 14:25 vivodream:

    I tried on all of these at the store (for the amusement of my kids lol) and they looked pretty cool but trying to remove it later was quite the challenge! I was actually glad I didn’t buy them.


  • 8/5/13 14:54 Kimmwc03:

    I agree with Carolina. I did the same thing and it was not hard to remove at all. My mom has two of these and see likes them and she does not like glitter polishes.


  • 8/5/13 17:50 Anne:

    I have Tweedy (the black & white one). I wear it over a grey polish and I love the way it looks. It really does look fuzzy.


  • 8/5/13 20:44 dina:

    omg everyone run around and scream…. lmao. miss chattering with you! always make me laugh. ps the b&bw candles… killing me


    • 8/6/13 9:31 the Muse:

      lol d 😀 miss ya girl! how’s the baby?! ;-D I KNOW UGH candles DROOL!


  • 8/6/13 1:59 Mary:

    I bought Fuzz Sea so that I could do my nails like Sulley from Monsters, Inc. (It worked!!) It showed up better with different colored nail polish underneath so that the colors show up, but I put it on my bare nails and it lasted a while and was easy to take off. It’s like having sprinkles on your nails! haha


    • 8/6/13 9:19 the Muse:

      Too cute Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 8/6/13 3:53 Angel:

    I love textured polish. I’m actually wearing this in Tweedy right now. I love it, it reminds me of dead air on a tv a la Poltergeist. Minus the white noise of course.

    It took me three coats to build it up but with a topcoat it’s wearing well.


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