The Cuteness Hurts My Eyes

Who’s a sweet little puddy cat!?

Saffy 2013

  • 8/7/13 19:59 Icequeen81:

    awww so sweet is like it is thinking sooooo adorable


  • 8/7/13 20:21 Jeri:

    oh that little face, I could just squeeze it.


    • 8/8/13 9:43 the Muse:



  • 8/7/13 22:58 Nat:

    What kissable muzzle-pouches!!! I always try to kiss my kitties on their little whisker areas – one just pulls back like “WTH are you doing lady?”, and the other licks my face to deter me, lol. 😀


    • 8/8/13 9:39 the Muse:

      awww! 😀


  • 8/8/13 7:27 Joan:

    Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!! BTW, Muse, hope you had a great vacation. You were missed!!!! I look forward to your e-mails everyday and when I don’t get them, I really miss getting them. You really have some nerve going on vacation! LOL.


    • 8/8/13 9:32 the Muse:

      it was amazings thanks Joan LOL! I missed YOU all more I’m sure 😀 I know right? damn me ;-D


  • 8/8/13 8:59 Sarah S.:

    Squee! <3


  • 8/8/13 13:14 SusanT:

    I meant to welcome you back from vacation, too, Muse — hope you had a good time! I wuv that kitty — so adorable! I’d love to kiss that wittle face! I have good news on the kitty front myself; I adopted a kitten nearly 2 months ago — she’s 4 months old now and I love her so much. Her name is Daisy & I drive her crazy giving her tons of hugs & kissies. She’s so sweet but part stinker, too.


    • 8/8/13 16:06 the Muse:

      thanks dear! it was amazing 😀 hehe! OOOO YEAH! that’s so great! lol! lol aren’t they all 75% stinker?! hehe 😀 congrats on becoming a new momma (again) :)


  • 8/8/13 13:48 Gail:

    What a face – just want to kiss it


    • 8/8/13 14:30 the Muse:



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