Benefit Cosmetics It’s A Love Fest for Holiday 2013

Benefit Cosmetics It's A Love Fest

Benefit Cosmetics It’s A Love Fest is one of several new sets popping up for the Holiday 2013 season that includes some Benefit fabs tucked into a fabulous collectible tin!

Take a peek!

Benefit Cosmetics It’s A Love Fest ($36) features a collectible pop art inspired tin and tucked inside you’ll find deluxe sizes of fab Benefit fabs and a full sore POREfessional for making your face flawless.

You get:

This little set is available now at

  • 9/27/13 11:30 K.B.:

    I love it (and the price is amazing), but this seems like more of a summer collection than a winter/holiday one.

    Muse, could you do me a HUGE favor and stop posting anything makeup-related until Sephora’s VIB sale in November? Pretty please with sugar on top? I’m trying to not buy anything in the meantime, but you’re making it hard with all of these holiday makeup posts. I’m already planning on picking up a few things from Chanel’s holiday collection. lol


    • 9/27/13 11:39 the Muse:

      it does…! I agree! πŸ˜€ lol kb I’d have to shut down the entire blog if I weren’t going to post anything makeup related for a month and a half πŸ˜€ Sorry can’t promise that πŸ˜€ I def want Chanel Holiday too you aren’t alone!!!!!!!


      • 9/27/13 11:53 K.B.:

        You can turn it into a book blog…or a funny cat/dog pictures blog. It’s only for 2 months! πŸ˜‰

        Speaking of books, you should check out Night Film by Marisha Pessl. It’s perfect for this time of year/closer to Halloween.


        • 9/27/13 12:02 the Muse:

          LOL yeah sure…;-D that might alienate a few readers, not many, just a few hahaha ;-D I stupidly read Night Film when it came out, I really wish I had waited until I was deeper in Fall because it would have been a perfect October read πŸ˜€ Are you reading Doctor Sleep yet? if so thoughts so far?


          • 9/27/13 12:18 K.B.:

            I’ll probably stay away from that one. I’m very selective of the Stephen King books I read because I get creeped out WAY too easily. After I finish Night Film, I’ll probably start re-reading the Divergent series to prepare for the final book’s release. At least it’s a trilogy and not a series like Harry Potter. Towards the end, I had to start re-reading months in advance because I was juggling school and work. Once I finish the Divergent series, then I have to start on the “grown up” fall books that are coming out in the next month or so.

            It’s like having assigned reading again! lol

          • 9/30/13 13:33 the Muse:

            mmm think you’d be ok with this…it isn’t that scar! can’t for the Divergent films! LOL tell me about it but fall is the best time for book releases!

      • 9/28/13 0:15 amy:

        Is that a their full size primer, that’s not bad at all for 6 more dollar you get some extra goodies.


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